Music that you like!

  Miros 14:02 15 Oct 2006

If anyone would like a good back ground music programme which you can teach to play the kind of music you like try this click here From Classical to Jazz the choice is yours, with no commercial breaks.

  rawprawn 14:07 15 Oct 2006

Pandora is a great site, but you will need a US zip code to register.

  Forum Editor 14:18 15 Oct 2006

Pandora represents a leap forward, and it's to be hoped that they soon tie up licencing arrangements enabling them to stream music to Europe.

  Miros 14:23 15 Oct 2006

Whenever you I need a US zip code I always put in 00000 and so far it has always worked for me :-)
Try it.

  Snec 14:45 15 Oct 2006

Thanks Miros, this is great!

  Miros 14:46 15 Oct 2006

Glad you like it, I love it :-)

  rawprawn 14:54 15 Oct 2006

I just looked up an American address, and used that.

  theDarkness 17:28 15 Oct 2006

handy tip taken from the wiki!: click here
"Only 6 skips per hour are allowed, including those resulting from a thumbs down response. However, if at least two music stations are created, switching from the current playing station to a different one and back allows skipping past the built-in limitation. This can also be achieved by leaving and then re-opening the Pandora website."

-tsk, next someone will be hinting at the preservation of some of those tunes by use of freeware audio programs that can record any sound coming out of your nice pc speakers :) Pandora is a great idea, I'll assume only a limited selection of record companies agreed to contribute to the service though... Id like to see a similar video service showing tv progs and movies. lol

  Miros 18:29 15 Oct 2006

I have used for a while now and it mostly plays my kind of music and find very few I really don't like, therefor I don't find I have to reject many. Stay with it does seem to learn eventually, give it time.
I'm giving my age away here but although I have a very catholic taste in music my main interest would be swing music around and before the Forties.

  rawprawn 18:51 15 Oct 2006

Among other music, I too am very keen on pre 1940's music. You should listen to Malcombe Laycock at 10 pm on radio 2 tonight.

  Miros 19:15 15 Oct 2006

Thanks I will do that if I'm still awake. I'm in the process of completing a full reinstallation of my PC, I'll check now to see if I can get the BBC. When I first got this PC I had one hell of a job getting on there as there was a problem with the player I had at the time. Cheers.

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