Music from vinyl LPs to CD-Rom

  Rocky Horror 15:46 17 Jan 2003
  Rocky Horror 15:46 17 Jan 2003

I have a large collection of music on Vinyl LPs which I would like to transfer onto CR Rom.

Any advice on the quickest and most effective way to do this would be appreciated, ie which software is available, how to automate the process as far as possible etc.

  fsssh 16:02 17 Jan 2003

there are programs available specially to do this but i've never looked at one or heard about how good they are. apparently they can clean up the sound but i think that kind of detract from the whole idea of vinyl. anyway, i mean programs like click here but its american and very expensive. i'm sure there are others. if you want to try it the cheap way just plug your turntable into your pc (via your amplifier of course cos you will need the phono stage) and record it direct to your HDD before burning it to CD. if you want proper, quality recordings i suggest you ignore the pc route entirly and buy a dedicated audio cd recorder, if you can justify the cost obviously.

  Magik™ 16:11 17 Jan 2003

musicmatch jukebox, does it all, and more, and it is free....

  Oldrocker 16:20 17 Jan 2003

The easieat way I have found is to use Roxio's CD Creator 5 Platinum.It has Spin Doctor, which will copy vinyl from an amplified deck, or headphone socket, to your hard drive, then onto cd.It's around £45, but PCWorld did have it on offer last week.

  Gemma 16:30 17 Jan 2003

Anything in (deck, tape, tuner, MD, CD, TV sound....)via your hifi.

Phono out to sound card line in (cable £2 Maplin).
Download NeroMix (if you buy after trial $22).
Read the Help
Burn CDs

1. Hiss, scratch, rumble filter software - never found a good one for home use.
2. When recording to disk and burning from disk to CD shut down anything you don't need (firewall, AV, background processes).
3. Find a freebie WAV file splitter if you need to cut the vinyl into CD tracks.
4. If you can't get the PC near the hifi (guaranteed domestic strife) you can buy record decks with built in pre-amps. I use a Bush MTT1 (around £50) but there are others.
5. Hearing hiss, scratch and rumble in the car is very odd!

  shifty 18:18 17 Jan 2003

I am currently using a program called Audio Cleaning Lab purchased from Amazon at around £19. Record deck connected via amplifier as normal, with the amp connected to the computer with a lead that came free with the Nero 5.5 cd burner package. I record all the album tracks onto my hard drive which is the most time consuming part, then play them back through the audio lab software using the tools provided to remove crackles and hiss etc. It all works very well.
One package I have seen though is the Terratec phono preamp studio, a box you connect direct to your record deck and to your computers soundcard. It comes with all the software and kit for repairing the recorded tracks. I first spotted this on offer on QVC shopping channel. I found it by typing Terratec on the Google site.

  Newuser38 18:25 17 Jan 2003

This link might be of some help click here

  nangadef 19:25 17 Jan 2003

I use RipVinyl from click here

  Ian58 19:34 17 Jan 2003

The one thing that`s important with vinyl is the condition of the records. If they are scratched at all you need to clean up the digital recording and insert breaks between tracks. Do a Google search and see which trial program suits you.

  Audeal 21:02 17 Jan 2003

I use windows 98se and I use Groove Mechanic 2.4b to copy my LPs onto my Hard Drive. This is a free download. But the latest version 2.5a is not free. You will find this at: click here
This program also repairs the recordings. It is easy to use and I use it all the time now.

I also use "Wave Splitter 2.10" to split up the recorded files into seperate music files. Another Free Download. Get it here:
click here

Good luck.

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