Music Transfer - windows vista

  collinsc 10:32 29 Sep 2007

ive had problems previously with i tunes- so im going to delete all my i tunes stuff and reload it on to my pc.

the problem i am having is that all the music currently in windows media player format is not being added to the library UNLESS i actually play it (so id have to play every single song!)

the obvious thing to do is "add to library" but it does a search and "finds 11o" folders and "adds 0".

any sugegstions!?


  collinsc 11:55 01 Oct 2007

anyone- please?!

  wrg 15:24 01 Oct 2007

Are you looking to transfer music from i tunes to WMP? Which version are you using for WMP?

  collinsc 11:12 02 Oct 2007

no- ive given up with my i-tune problem.
im going to reinstall 70% of my CDs after wiping it off.
but 30% are still in windows media format... but i can only play it by double clicking... as it is not in the library... and i want to know how to get it into the library.


  wrg 16:18 02 Oct 2007

can you not create a folder and send them all to the folder. Once in the folder highlight them all and right click, there should be an option to add to library, or even a playlist. If it is a playlist then when you want to listen to them just call up the play list in WM

  collinsc 19:45 02 Oct 2007

ill give that a go..


  Tim1964 23:05 02 Oct 2007

In WMP, right click the black bar at the top and select Tools> Options> Library> Monitor Folders.

Then select the folder that has your music files in it. These will then be added to the library that are not currently in the library.

  collinsc 19:08 03 Oct 2007

tim- thats what ive done- but it hasnt worked....!
odd isnt it...

ah- i have my music files in the c drive and not the d drive- does that matter?
(i have an acer)

  Tim1964 20:53 03 Oct 2007

It shouldn't matter as my D drive is my DVDRW.

Have you tried adding the folder that the music is in again?

A lot of folders are already included in the library syncronising but you can add more.

  collinsc 08:19 04 Oct 2007

yes ive tried 3-4 times.
it "finds" the files but "adds 0"

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