Music Quiz

  Pine Man 14:33 26 Mar 2010

Running iTunes on Windows 7.

Is there an easy way to copy clips from the music on my iPod to a CD to use them for a quiz. Or, alternatively copy clips back to my iPod and play them through my docking station?

  Pine Man 14:34 26 Mar 2010

..if software is needed - free stuff only please;-)

  MAJ 14:51 26 Mar 2010

I don't use an iPod, so am not familiar with them, Pine Man, but if you can play the music clips on your PC they can be recorded using Audacity click here and burnt to CD, or, I imagine saved back to your iPod. Download the LAME MP3 encoder as well from that link, it allows you to export to MP3 format in Audacity.

  Pine Man 15:05 26 Mar 2010

Thanks for your response.

Does Audacity allow you to take a short clip from within a tune as that is my MAJor stumbling block at the moment.

  MAJ 15:08 26 Mar 2010

Yes it does, Pine Man, that's why I suggested it, knowing table quizes as I do, lol.

  Pine Man 15:15 26 Mar 2010

That sounds great I'll give it a bash!

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