music program

  B.J. 08:58 16 Dec 2010

Help folks !
Windows Media Player is driving me nuts.I am storing my music in a folder that I created on my desktop.
I have organised my songs into sub folders with headings that suit me. (exactly what I've always done with my photos and using Picasa)
But Windows Media player pulls 'em out and presents 'em in such a mess. I want to be able to mix different singers under the same heading exactly as I've sorted 'em from the sub folder.Is there a Picasa like music program that anybody can recommend please?

  Big L 266 11:04 16 Dec 2010



I have to say at the onset I don't use WMP and haven't done so for some years.

I would recommend one or two music programmes I personally use. I suggest you try the free version of Winamp or RealPlayer and import all your tracks into them. (I have the full 'paid-for' versions of both as music is my main hobby.) That way you can create your own playlists using 'drag and drop' and save them for future playing. They both take a bit of getting used to, but that aside, I feel both are far superior than Windows Media Player.

I suggest you try Winamp first though as its the one I use most.

Hope it helps.

Big L 266

  wolfie3000 11:59 16 Dec 2010

Real player, uuuuuugh!! dont touch it unless you love to have adverts thrown at you all the time.

Download Winamp and let it sort out your music.

  wolfie3000 12:00 16 Dec 2010

Big L 266, you payed for Real Player?

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! paying for software that delivers adverts to you. oh god!!!

  Big L 266 14:44 16 Dec 2010


wolfie3000....Contrary to your belief,I don't get adverts thrown at me at all.I paid for RealPlayer Plus as the features on it for burning, mixing and downloading cds and dvds, and copying online videos such as YouTube, are superior to the ordinary free RealPlayer. I am extremely happy with the way RealPlayer works and am pleased to recommend it to anyone like B.J. who has a genuine query about music software programmes.

I hope my reply answers your point.

Big L 266

  B.J. 09:12 17 Dec 2010

Thanks Big L and Wolfie.
I've just tried itunes which came as part of Real Player (if I downloaded the right thing) but the home page was all adverts of modern music and I couldn't get past the home page other than visiting a web site somewhere.In fact I dont think I saw itunes mentioned on it. I dont want to download music with it all I want is to see my songs at a glance how I've chosen to sort 'em and play 'em.
If you've got Picasa from Google you'll know what I'm after. Could you advise me about 'Winamp'
please ? Is that just a pull your tunes from the folder show 'em and play'em job.
On the face of it WMP is ideal for what I want but I've spent ages trying to sort it out but it always reverts back to how IT wants 'em sorted !
Thanks again folks !

  bluesbrother 09:52 17 Dec 2010

Try MediaMonkey click here It has Playlist and Autoplaylist features that might cover what you are looking for. click here

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