music plays every time i open a browser window

  murder the virus makers 12:18 21 Apr 2003

HEEELLLLPPP!!! every time i open a browser window i hear 'im too sexy for my shirt' for a few seconds then it goes off!its driving me mental! this will play over the top of music/video files so seems like its coming from another source. seems like its trapped somewhere. ive searched for the file and found nothing. i use kazaa but have NOT downloaded 'right said fred'!!!
i have a firewall and pc-cillin and no viruses are showing. im running XP PRO and using a 'mercury sw 980R' amp/sub.

  rct 12:26 21 Apr 2003

Control Panel> Sounds and Audio Devices "Sounds" One of the Program Events will be associated with the offending tune, find out which one (you can play them using the play button on the right) and then change it to something else or "(None)"


  Pesala 13:13 21 Apr 2003

Yes, it definitely looks like someone is have some fun messing about with the Windows sounds. If you are using Opera, check preferences, sounds, page loaded, and follow link.

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