Music playing too fast

  rabadubdub 20:07 01 Jun 2007

Anyone any idea what could be causing this - on a Compaq EX Desktop P733 with Win2000 pro SP4 installed and embedded sound?
I'm sure I saw something similar in a post a while ago but couldn't find it in a search.
I'm just on my way out to inspect the problem - on a buddy's machine - so I probably won't be able to reply to responses 'til later, but thanks for any suggestions.


  SANTOS7 20:21 01 Jun 2007

An audio driver update should fix the problem..

  Simsy 23:33 01 Jun 2007

playing back at too high a sample rate...

What software and what type of files? There may be a way to change it in the "options" section of the software.



  Stuartli 23:36 01 Jun 2007

Are you talking about Windows Media Player?

If so you can alter speed settings from View>Enhancements>Speed Settings.

  rabadubdub 14:59 02 Jun 2007

..too late home last night.
The sound is by way of embedded Intel 82801AA audio controller. I've updated the chipset drivers, and the O/S offline with SP4 and hotfix Rollup1 v2. He's not online at the moment.
I got all the drivers I could from the compaq website page dedicated to this model, but only sound update was for embedded Creative SB128 - none for Intel audio!!
The problem is there no matter which software is used to play sounds and is same whether video-sound from file or just audio from cd-rom, in different programs.
DirectX (9c) diagnostics (dxdiag) says that hardware buffering not possible, so problem with Midi-Mapper and MS GS Wavetable synth in direct sound tests.
The system was originally W98se now full W2000 installed. Problem wasn't there under 98se.
Nothing else stuck out as wrong setting apart from the curious two items on IRQ17 and 19..?! (max 15, surely?)
..and AC97 resources on addresses 200F and 204F.
According to Ref guide, settings should be standard:
base I/O - 220h
FM synth - 388-38Bh
Interupt - IRQ5
DMA - Channel1

Couldn't find these settings anywhere in device manager/ sound, etc., devices. I don't know how I could have missed it if it is in there somewhere.
Let's hope someone here knows what I'm talking about better than I do..
Thanks for any help offered.


  rabadubdub 17:22 07 Jun 2007

After checking the timing it appears to be going about 10% too fast - which is how much more the 48k sample rate is over the 44.1k, but, as it is the same in different software players, it must be a setting for hardware.
Anyone know how to fix it?


  Stuartli 17:44 07 Jun 2007

Some checking reveals that the Intel chipset is, in fact, Realtek sourced and that installing its latest drivers should work:

click here

  rabadubdub 13:48 08 Jun 2007

..Stuartli - I think I may have found the answer
Well it looks like I may have,anyway
I've been discussing it on other forums, and Matt at MSFN's has found me a AD1885 audio codec Driver - the AD1885 is the actual codec used with this 82801AA ICH chipset in the DeskPro, according to the Tech Ref manual. It's an Analog Devices codec.
I also found a previous Q and A on the Compaq forum pages (really!?) if that doesn't do it itself.
I'll report back next week if all was successful. I have to go away for the weekend.
Thanks for everyone's help on this.


Link to MSFN forum - click here
Link to Compaq forum answer -
click here

  rabadubdub 01:59 17 Jul 2007

Well I finally got back to the machine (he's a hard man to pin down) and I did get it fixed:
I upgraded the BIOS first (had a corrupted file preventing boot from floppy, so had to repair-install w2k again), reinstalled SP4 and Rollup1v2, then uninstalled the audio controller and installed the AD1885 driver and, again reinstalled DirectX 9.
Hey Presto! All singing, all dancing SoundMax system.. at the right speed!
Thanks for your help, guys.


  Stuartli 10:08 17 Jul 2007

Excellent work..:-)

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