Music Match Jukebox problem

  Throbber 18:09 22 Sep 2005

I have a Tevion Digital Music Jukebox MDJUKE 420.
I can't get Music Match [which came bundled] to work with it. I've loaded everything from the CD as instructed, but when I start up the portable device manager, it asks me to "Click here to add a plugin for your device."
I have already done this from the CD.
I'm using Windows XP Home SP2.

I can't transfer any music files to my portable device any more, though I could when I first got it.

Any ideas?

  johnnyrocker 18:12 22 Sep 2005

has the prob occurred since install sp2?


  Throbber 18:16 22 Sep 2005

No, SP2 was installed before music match

  CHAIRLEG 18:56 22 Sep 2005

Not sure if this will help but when I used MM about a week ago there was an update to install to improve transfer to portable device.Open MM click on options and check for update.

  Newuser38 21:01 22 Sep 2005

I also had to go on MM site to get the necessary plugin for my 2gb portable gadget. It also had to be MMplus which did not come as part of the deal so I replaced the gadgets attached MM with the MMplus version from the PCA cover disc from a month or 2 ago.

  Throbber 22:11 22 Sep 2005

Have updated, but still no joy. Any further suggestions?

  Newuser38 23:21 22 Sep 2005

Can you put it back to original factory settings and start again??

  Throbber 08:13 23 Sep 2005

Newuser - How do I do that?

  Newuser38 18:40 23 Sep 2005

Sorry lost the book I will find it and see if I can help further. I think it was an option when connected to site. I did it and it cleared everthing I had done and put in and I started again.

  Throbber 20:28 23 Sep 2005

Thanks Newuser - If you can find the book and let me know, brilliant. I'll try the site and see what I can find. Sounds like exactly what I need.

  CHAIRLEG 21:06 23 Sep 2005

click here= does this help.

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