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  Hunslet 12:28 14 Jun 2009

Hello all, I have 500 music files downloaded and saved in 'My Music' having copied these to a DVD, how can I print a list of all the tracks ? When looking at all the tracks in 'My Music'it will not allow to copy and paste the text (must be because they are music files ?) Is there a way around this as I don't wish to type out all the tracks.
Cheers for any help.

  Hunslet 00:47 16 Jun 2009

Anyone willing to offer advice ? Please..

  I am Spartacus 01:05 16 Jun 2009

Depending on the structure of your folders you could try opening a cmd prompt, navigate to the folder where they're stored and enter:

dir /b /s >tracks.txt.

That will place a text file in the My Music folder called tracks.txt with a list of the contents. You may need to search and replace to get rid of the folder names etc.

  I am Spartacus 01:10 16 Jun 2009

Another method is to install iTunes, copy all the tracks to a playlist, select the playlist and export it to a text file (File, Library, Export Playlist). The problem with that is that any commas in the track names creates a field separator so you need to sanitise the file in notepad before importing it into Excel/database.

  cocteau48 08:14 16 Jun 2009

Possibly this may do what you want:click here

  john bunyan 09:04 16 Jun 2009

In i Tunes (MP3, M4p) if you have the music tagged with album info etc, you can sort by artist or by song title. If you go to file, print, you can print all the tunes, or by grouping into playlists you can print these either as a list or as a CD jewelcase No need to export to text file if song titles are ok and id tags in place.

  Daiol 15:00 16 Jun 2009

What about this ::click here

  canarieslover 15:14 16 Jun 2009

I use a program called 1st MP3 Tag Editor for tagging files. It also has the facility to export those tags to Excel if you require. This would enable you to sort & print as you wish. Program is shareware with 30 day evaluation which should giv you time to assess it. click here

  Hunslet 22:54 16 Jun 2009

Cheers for the replies folks, great answers to a small problem and Daiols download of Karen has done the trick !
Thanks to all once again.

  Stuartli 23:00 16 Jun 2009

Karen Kenworthy's freeware offerings are excellent, but you could also have considered MediaMonkey:

click here

  jean3167 11:23 15 Sep 2009

Quite good directory treeview tool called <a href=click here
>print directory</a> not a freeware but affortable.

Download Free : click here

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