Music Licence

  Terry Brown 11:45 15 Nov 2005

I have recently fitted a new hard drive , and transferred the files I want to it, however I have a problem with my Music licence files.

I have copied them to the 'My music' folder, expecting them to activate whem I open media player, however it will not find them, and so refuses to play some of my music.

Any suggestions ?


  xania 12:53 15 Nov 2005

Assuming you copied the files and folders, rather than the partitions themselves, you may well find that some of the files were hidden and failed to transfer across. If you can repeat the transfer process using a partition manager, this could solve the problem. Failing this, if you received your licences via e-mail or the internet, and still have this information, you may well be able to re-install your licences. Failing this, you will probably have to make contact with the company where you bought the licences, explain what has happened, provide proof of your original purchase and they should be able to help you get restored.

  Terry Brown 14:40 15 Nov 2005

The files are listed in a folder in my music, however they are renamed as *.bak.

Whatis the extention I need to change to to re-activate them ?

Thanks Terry

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