al7478 16:15 07 May 2007

A while ago I converted all my music files to WMA Lossless from MP3, thinking that it would improve the sound quality. It turns out I was misguided, as I was later told that, as the music had already been compressed once, the conversion would just leave me with bigger files, and no improvement in sound.

My question is, if I convert it back to MP3 (tho I must admit I have plenty of space, so it isnt really necassary in that sense), will the sound quality decrease further still?

  Totally-braindead 16:18 07 May 2007

Try it and see. I've never done it but I think the answer would be yes it would degrade it further.
Try one track and see.

  al7478 16:29 07 May 2007

I meant to say WAV, not WMA Lossless, but i guess the point remains the same. I just tried it T-b, and to my ears, the difference is minimal, if any. God knows why I didnt think to try it!

  SANTOS7 16:29 07 May 2007

Not really, the default compression ratio for MP3 does little harm, it is when you go beyond those default settings that you get sound quality issues..

  al7478 16:40 07 May 2007

I just tried the same song at 32 and 320 kbps. The lower sounded awful, the higher really quite good. Does that make sense? I really wish I knew more about how to optimise my music. By the by, I kept the saample rate as "same as input" with both attempts. What diference would changing that make...?

  Totally-braindead 16:46 07 May 2007

When I create MP3s I try them at 128kbps that to me gives me sound I am happy with at a size that isn't too large.
I've played the original song and the MP3 directly after and it sounded the same to me but a friend of mine is really into music and he said the 128kbps was unacceptable to him. Guess he has much better hearing that I do.

  SANTOS7 16:54 07 May 2007

click here

some good info here, but all my MP3 stuff is default compression and i consider the sound quality very good,trial and error will get you to what sounds good to you..

  Totally-braindead 16:57 07 May 2007

I used to use Audiograbber a nice free program, you have to download the LAME decoder to use different bitrates but theres full instructions and all the settings are alterable. Bit of a hassle the first time you have to set it up choosing bitrates etc but once done thats it.

click here

  al7478 16:57 07 May 2007

Thankyou both. Would ripping at 320 make it as big as the WAV files i already have, whick were done at 1411.2mbps?

  al7478 17:06 07 May 2007

Thanks again t-b. Does audiograbber only convert to MP3? I'm using Fairstars Audio Converter. It doesnt allow me to click on a whole folder tho, I have to go into the folder and shade all the files i want to convert. It'd be nice to fnd one that lets me just click a file and have every song from that file go into the converter, if anyone knows of one.

  Totally-braindead 17:18 07 May 2007

Can't remember to be honest but read the website loads of info there including a link to the free LAME decoder you need to alter the bitrates.
If you're used to what you're using you might be better sticking to it rather than getting muddled up using two progs.
Up to you though.

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