Music downloads

  lintony 15:21 23 Mar 2003

I have downloaded some music from a website but this can only be listened to using Real Player on my computer.

Is it possible to change the format of this music so that I can burn it to a CD?

  redelf 15:29 23 Mar 2003

Yes. Most decent CD software (eg Nero ) will convert from sevral formats into WAV. files suitable for CD burning. Check the documentation or helpfiles for your CD burning software.

  geewis 15:32 23 Mar 2003

If you are using NERO the when asked if you are copying data or audio tick audio then burn, the disk will play anywere.

  lintony 15:49 23 Mar 2003

I'm afraid I am a novice at burning CD and don't have Nero. I only have what came with my PC, Windows media player,Prassi Primo and I also have Ashampoo which I downloaded from the internet.

  lixdexik 17:56 23 Mar 2003

you can get musicmatch jukebox a free prog download from the net. but the down side is you get nagged to buy the full copy. I have used it for sometime now and it works well. it is worth a try. click here

Cheers lixdexik.

  klop 18:31 23 Mar 2003

Thoroughly recommend Music Match. I have the full thing. Very good.

  -pops- 18:50 23 Mar 2003

Good as Musicmatch may be, I would suggest you get Nero for other CD burning processes. It is far more popular than either of the ones you have already and there are a large number of regular users (= experts) here who can help out if you have any problems.

Download a fully functional trial from click here and see what you think.


  Wak 20:03 23 Mar 2003

The latest FREE version of Real One Player will download all types of music and also includes facilities to burn them to disc. I have just burned 30 tunes to a disc which plays perfectly.
I also have Nero which didn't get used this time.

  lintony 21:31 24 Mar 2003

I already have Real Player but when I burn music to a CD that I have "downloaded" using Real Player, I can only play the CD on my PC.I want to be able to play the music on my stereo.

  Wak 21:58 24 Mar 2003

I have downloaded music from click here using Real Player and having the .ra extention.
This music has been burned to CD-R using the RealPlayer burning facility and it plays OK on both the Computer and also my stereo system so I cannot understand why your music doesn't play on your stereo setup.

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