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  chrissy1 15:06 25 Apr 2007

Anyone got any thoughts about bearshare and Ares?..a friend of mine uses them and wondered if they were ok...or any suggestions for good sites?

  Kate B 15:41 25 Apr 2007

'Fraid you won't get much help on this here - it's against forum rules. One word of warning, though: make sure all your antimalware is up to date and scan any file you download before running it. P2P apps are a vector for crapware.

  donki 15:54 25 Apr 2007

Dont use it!!! Ever being flooded with rubbish..... and its ilegal as Kate B says, just buy it, there are loads of good legal download sites now.

  Kate B 15:59 25 Apr 2007

I didn't say it's illegal - in fact the software isn't illegal at all. It is, however, illegal to download copyright material via P2P applications.

  chrissy1 19:14 25 Apr 2007

if most of them not up to much then why are they listed in the downloads section of this site?...

  Totally-braindead 19:21 25 Apr 2007

No one said they weren't up to much, they are popular hence them being listed and they do have legal uses but it is illegal to download copyright material from these sites. The sites themselves are legal its just some of the available downloads are not.
The biggest problem is when you are downloading something you have no way of knowing whether its what it says it is. For example download a file which says it is Abba playing Waterloo it might be what it says but it might be viruses and malware. If you do download it then it would be sensible to scan the file with both malware programs and antivirus programs before opening it.

  chrissy1 19:32 25 Apr 2007

ok got the message,thankyou...sorry that you class yourself as brain dead....never mind!!

  Totally-braindead 20:00 25 Apr 2007

chrissy1 when you use these sites to download stuff you take your chances.
Its up to you if you want to use these programs, I and the others were just pointing out the risks.
The reason they are listed in the downloads is because they are popular.

  p;3 20:20 25 Apr 2007

one other word of warning/caution; just because someone else uses a site or does something with a computer does not mean that it is legal or safe to do so

I have gotten involved with a comp that one user was doing all kinds of 'lethal 'stuff just because her friends were doing it too

tht comp has now had to be completley rebuilt due TO an infection that has completley overrun it...the child saw nowt wrong in for one thing using limewire and downloading all kinds of infected stuff to the comp

be aware that what you THINK you are downloading and what you are ACTUALLY downloading can be two completely different things and can completey wipe out your comp

  Sebastian Ereira 13:00 26 Apr 2007

bearshare is a p2p network, this means that it is peer to peer so you have no idea who you could be connected to.

Definitions of p2p on the Web:

A sharing and delivery of user specified files among groups of people who are logged on to a file sharing network. Napster was the first mainstream P2P software that enabled large scale file sharing.
click here

Peer-to-peer is a type of Internet network allowing a group of computer users with the same networking program to connect with each other for the purposes of directly accessing files from one another's hard drives.
click here

Process whereby computers can trade information between each other directly without the assistance of a third party network.
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(Peer to Peer), a term used to describe an end user sending a message to another end user via their wireless devices, where each device has equivalent capabilities and responsibilities.

Peer-to-peer networking (P2P) is an application that runs on a personal computer and shares files with other users across the Internet. P2P networks work by connecting individual computers together to share files instead of having to go through a central server.
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Peer-to-peer exchanges in which products or services are openly shared (for example, Napster).
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A method of file sharing over a network in which individual computers are linked via the Internet or a private network to share programs/files, often illegally. Users download files directly from other users' computers, rather than from a central server.

At Peer to Peer networks several hubs communicate directly for using conjointly resources. PACS Picture Archiving and communication system makes the archiving of the image material possible as well as the image communication between the modalities, the digital archive and the information system based on the DICOM standards.
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Peer to Peer. Instead of one single computer, P2P utilizes the computing power of thousands of computers together to do one thing, speeding up the time required to perform the job. Napster was the originator of P2P for sharing music files between millions of computer users worldwide. [email protected] uses P2P with just under 4 million computers and has, since it started in July 1999 (to August 2002) done 1,009,000 hrs of computation time, or the equivalent of 1,248 years work on one computer! ...
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A programme which will allow the MOD to trade electronically with its suppliers, via the Defence Electronic Commerce Service (DECS).
click here

Peer to Peer. Term used by file sharing networks such as Kazaa, Limewire, etc.
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P2P technically stands for "peer-to-peer." A peer-to-peer architecture allows hardware or software to function on a network without the need for central servers. Peer-to-peer is commonly used in configuring home computer networks where the cost of a server can be difficult to justify. The approach has also been popularized by some Net software applications such as Groove and Napster. The P2P acronym has acquired a non-technical meaning as well. ...
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A peer-to-peer (or P2P) computer network is a network that relies on computing power at the edges (ends) of a connection rather than in the network itself. P2P networks are used for sharing content like audio, video, data or anything in digital format. P2P network can also mean grid computing.

  ashdav 00:25 27 Apr 2007

click here for a list of P2P applications recommended by Nellie2.A regular contributor to this forum.
My personal recommendation (advice) is uTorrent and eMule.

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