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  nodad 22:12 21 Nov 2004

Anyone any info' on WinMX, is it legal

  VoG II 22:15 21 Nov 2004

WinMX is legal. Downloading copyrighted music is illegal.

  Night Ryder 22:24 21 Nov 2004

WinMX is an excellent program for downloading files but as VoG™ states its illegal to download copyrighted music. Your choice. Your risk.

  stalion 22:25 21 Nov 2004

please refer to site policy at the bottom of this page

  StellaArtois63 22:26 21 Nov 2004

I use Winmx a lot but it is illeagal to use because of its file share system. Basically from what I understand if you are downloading songs which have not been paid for, then you could be prosecuted for it. To a degree you are stealing songs from the artist, and how would you like to be unpaid for your work.7 million people aparently download illeagaly and they are starting to prosecute people they catch. I would imagine that to catch you, you would have to be online d/loading a lot and what are the chances of them actually catching you. It is a risk you take, so be careful you could be caught and prosecuted.

  nodad 22:32 21 Nov 2004

Sorry to appear vague, but I thought most music was copyright,and winmx is free.

  VoG II 22:37 21 Nov 2004

WinMX is free and legal. Apparently there are legitimate uses for this sort of software. But downloading copyright material is illegal unless you pay the copyright fee.

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