music downloads

  teknikz 22:58 15 Oct 2004

whats the best program to use to download music without it affecting my pc?

  kev.Ifty 23:04 15 Oct 2004

Are you talking subscription MP3's or File sharing?

What do you mean "affecting my pc"?

More info=more help

Cheers Kev.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 23:07 15 Oct 2004

click here
worth a try

  teknikz 23:13 15 Oct 2004

file sharing...just for personal use.....and i mean like the virus's/trojans imesh puts onto ur pc

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 23:21 15 Oct 2004

without playing hollier than though i think if you are refering to p2p downloads of copyright music you should read this exert from site policy '
Cracks' or copyright infringement - we do not permit the posting of information that will enable other people to use pirated software or to evade the copyright laws. Please do not post serial numbers or CD keys, or links to sites that contain file-sharing software or such information.

if this is not the case i apologise

  knobler 23:35 15 Oct 2004

Without being rude whatsoever, this file sharing is why the price of CD's etc.. goes up instead of down.

We don't do it with software because luckily we have things like activation keys to help prevent it.

  gudgulf 23:36 15 Oct 2004

As a general rule most P2P applications such as KaZaA include spyware and other undesirables in the installation package.The biggest risk however comes from files that are available over such networks--many viruses use P2P networks as a mechanism to spread so beware.

Heed Zaphod Beeblbrox's advice though.You will not receive much help on this forum ---but it would not be fair include warning you of the dangers.Up to you really.Spend some time searching on google would be my advice--you will find all the answers you need there.

  kev.Ifty 23:44 15 Oct 2004

So why is there a link to "Bear Share Lite" on this site if it ain't allowed?

The software ain't illegal what you get up to with it is!

Just saying.......


  teknikz 22:33 20 Oct 2004

i download only the old tracks that i can get anywhere else......i listen to quite a lot of rare dance tracks, but i either cant find them in shops, or i have to pay £15 for a single....which i dont see is fair

  teknikz 22:34 20 Oct 2004

was meant to say CANT get anywhere else

  Salinger 23:07 20 Oct 2004

You can get hundreds of ancient(vintage!) american radio shows in mp3 format legally here: click here

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