Music download sites

  GBL 13:56 24 Feb 2007

Has anyone any views on Music-Film downloads sites, which is the best one to subscribe to etc

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:58 24 Feb 2007

The film ones tend to be pirate ones unless you have the DVDs delivered by post on hire and there are plenty of music sites such as Virgin, Tesco and Itunes. Any site that asks for a one off payment is probably dodgy.


  GBL 14:05 24 Feb 2007

I looked at Napster, and Music Just 4 also
just to name three.

  theDarkness 14:55 24 Feb 2007

Im surprised at the lack of legal download sites for music and (to a far lesser extent) movies. Channel4 has got it wrong with their new download service for tv programs. For a mere rental (ch4 videos stop working after a few days), the cost is slightly higher than it should be, especially when there are infinately better web alternatives such as uknova, in which the pc users that would be interested in downloading in the first place would probably know all about already.

The general pc user doesnt have an amazingly fast net connection, would never really want to download (video at least) from the internet, and would rather stick to getting what they want recording straight from their television. Your recording doesnt expire, and will be of far higher quality! For movies, you will be far better off renting from your local dvd video shop.

Im not sure if there is anything official that offers high quality mp3s (at least 192kbps or over -up to 360kbps near cd quality) at a reasonable price. From what ive heard in the past, audio selling websites such as Virgin Digital, Rhapsody and the laughably now legal Napster dont offer a very good sound quality (128kbps mp3/wma), even if admittedly 128kbps does sound far superior to what it did in 1998 using better compression technology. Sticking to the legal method, youll be far better off for your money sticking to budget stores such as Fopp, and/or buying your cds second hand providing you can get them non scratched! :)

  [email protected] 15:11 24 Feb 2007

Just curious as to why you refer to Napster as laughable? It's music catalogue and interface are second only to itunes.

By the way, the tracks that Napster sell are encoded at 192kbps, not 128kbps.

  [email protected] 15:33 24 Feb 2007

Here are some legal music download sites:

Napster click here

iTunes - click here

Virgin Digital - click here

and several web based providers all using the OD2 service - click here

By the way, downloading music through Limewire is not legal. They may carefully choose their words to illustrate that the program is legal (which it is), but using it to download copyright material (such as music and films) is not.

  theDarkness 15:51 24 Feb 2007

true :) but just because its currently one of the best out there doesnt mean its that amazing in general, if there was enough decent competition im sure that could all change. Napster wasnt always 192kbps and the result is no doubt due to the fact that they now co-operate with other similar legal mp3 downloading websites (Insound, Rhapsody and Apple's iTunes Store), in which 192kbps for some may be their standard. This has of course extended the variety of whats on offer on Napster dramatically. Still, although worthy, 192kpbs isnt cd quality, and recognisable to a good ear on certain types of music when comparing to the original audio cd.

hehe, wondered about that limewire link myself >:D

  GBL 21:33 24 Feb 2007

Thanks to all I will digest and see what becomes.

Thanks again for input.

  GasGasOhlins 09:46 25 Feb 2007

try click here also.....


  dogbreath1 10:00 25 Feb 2007 is almost certainly a dodgy site.

click here

Limewire is available free from HERE!

click here

Don't forget copyright laws, though.

  dogbreath1 10:02 25 Feb 2007

As always, though, tis better going to the official site!

click here

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