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  willo500 11:23 22 Feb 2004


I am trying to find a legit site which will allow me to download lots of music tracks and burn onto cd. I am concerned that 1. I might get a virus from this activity 2. I might get conned by an illegal site3. I might find that the site only offers amateur musicians who can't get recorded elsewhere

Any recommendations most welcome.


  [email protected] 11:27 22 Feb 2004

Are you willing to pay?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:29 22 Feb 2004

You stand the chance of getting viruses from everyday surfing and more so if you downlaod a lot of stuff,but if your AV is up to scratch it shouldnt be a problem,There isnt many legit sites that are free most you need to pay for but if you dont mind that im sure there lots out there.I wont say anything about PtP sharing but you can get more stuff off them just depends how bad u wont it.


  willo500 15:18 22 Feb 2004

yes [email protected] I'm willing to pay for a good quality service. Do you have recommendations?

  RamUK 15:48 22 Feb 2004

Will I'm having the same problem. I've done a lot of trawling and it seems the Freeserve site is as good as any (although it grieves me to say that). Virgin and HMV are ok too. Average price per track seems to be about 80p which is not that cheap if you want to download a 12 track album and considering you get no packaging or shiny box to keep.

Watch out for 'free' sites that then dial you up to a premium line and end up costing you a fortune.

  dfghjkl 23:36 22 Feb 2004

i belive coca cola now has a download site,

  Gandalph 00:49 23 Feb 2004

Try Top artists at a reasonable price per month.

  plsndrs3 08:23 23 Feb 2004

click here

100% legit. I have just bought my first credit, but haven't used it yet.

You are unlikely to download any virus from a legit site as you are downloading from a server run by the company who you pay, rather than from another person's PC who can rename a virus as a music track. This means that control is held over the files that you can download.

With reference to connecting to what you believe is a legit site, but then finding out it isn't, rule of thumb: if you are paying something way too cheap, then it is questionable. Other payable download sites exist & a comparison list of some is available here:

click here

Post back if another catches your eye, but you need some help to ID it as OK.



  Djohn 08:51 23 Feb 2004

click here and look to the bottom of the page for a lidt of legal download shops. j.

  Ben.s 09:17 23 Feb 2004

open media player search the artist u want,if u can find a track your after then your in luck play it,wait till its buffered then File save
and its FREE!
hope this helps?

  Jester2K 09:24 23 Feb 2004

Are you saying that you can use MS MP like Kazaa?

Oh and it'll still be illegal...

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