Music censorship software

  Fatboy415 13:01 28 Sep 2006

My ten year old son is soon to receive an MP3 music player. For the time being he will only have access to the NOW! CD's, teenage pop bands and talking books however I would like to expand his knowledge of music and introduce more adult material i.e. Greenday which he has heard on the radio.

My question is have any fathers out there censored music for their children before and how did they go about it?

I have a WAV editor as part of a Creative suite which can also edit MP3's but would like to know if anyone knows of a piece of software designed for this application.

Thank you as always.

  Sandy110 21:13 28 Sep 2006

There are numerous Internet filter programs available, mainly to combat pornography but some do include music censorship utilities, which have varying degrees of success. I suppose it depends which file format the software is looking to block which determines what actually gets through.Media files come in many formats.
As a father and a musician I've never felt the need to censor any of the music my kids download.
They probably here and see a lot worse at school whether we as parents like it or not. My children quickly learnt how to sort "the grain from the chaff" anyway.

(Sorry not a lecture just a point view)

Good luck

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:00 28 Sep 2006

Educate him about he words that he may encounter as he will hear them all over the shop one day.


  VoG II 22:05 28 Sep 2006

I do not censor my kid, and I think that this is a really bad idea.

The only thing that I did was to suggest to my daughter should only download legitimate music.

She did, I'm happy, presumably the copyright holders are happy.

  Totally-braindead 22:15 28 Sep 2006

I haven't seen a censorship program for music specifically but I have seen some for the internet and in my opinion they were rather poor and worked so badly it was a waste of time.
If you are concerned at all then my only suggestion would be to setup a file on your PC to which he has access with the music you deem suitable. However as the others have pointed out, and I do appreciate why you are wanting to do this, it probably isn't such a great idea. This is my opinion of course.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:49 28 Sep 2006

He is going to hear the music from his friends at school......forewarned is forearmed


  Fatboy415 09:01 29 Sep 2006

Thank you for everyone for their replies. I can see this could be quite an in-depth topic.

I take on board everything you say and yes he already knows all the main swear words but thankfully he is mature enough to know it is not acceptable to repeat them in our household.

I have no intention off telling him what music he can and can’t listen to as I discovered music at an early age and now have a variety of tastes from Eminem to Tychosky.

My intention was to take the album track and create a radio edit version by perhaps inserting silence or a beep at the inappropriate word.

I know the time will come but the idea is that at 10 years old he can access adult music without the F words (I also have a 7 year old son as well). Take the new Scissor Sisters album or American Idiot by Greenday. Two great albums spoilt by the inclusion of one or two words.

I will try further with Creative’s WAV editor.

Thank you once again.

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