dfghjkl 23:37 01 Jul 2003

recently i nearly bought a pc from campus,i hear they are no longer with us,people owed money etc.i have since been considering mesh as they get good reports in mag tests etc,but i have been put off by comments on this forum (maybe unfairly but i have been put off) next on my list was multivision a sexy black number, as i am spending about £700 i dont want to get stuck with something i cant use everyday ,i have 3 kids to think about aswell,exam prep etc,i also would get withdrawal probs,so are they ok,iam not expecting %100 from anyone but constuctive comments please

  woodchip 23:52 01 Jul 2003

They usually use top components, good fast built computers. Warranty may vary I would go for a good one

  BillEmm 12:43 02 Jul 2003

It's all a bit of a gamble really. Having wasted my money on one of these 'National' PC constructors I have become somewhat cynical about their offerings.

I recently built my own PC but was very tempted to order a spec machine from a small outfit called Novatech. I have bought components from them, visited their site and been quite impressed with their operation. Support is good, quality good, service and attitude excellent - no quibble return policy etc.
The downside is their PCs only come with 12 months RTB warranty. Also they do not incorporate the latest up to date components in their systems. They insist that all the component parts used are fully tested and proven before they will use them. Not a bad policy in my book.

Their site:

click here

Remember: Long term Warranty is only necessary if you have a bad product.

  Big Elf 13:10 02 Jul 2003

I agree with the comments made by BillEmm about Novatech. I bought my PC from them last year and had a couple of problems and can confirm that their support is excellent particularly technical support. At the time I ordered mine I was able to build a powerful highly specified system at a good price. I could have bought cheaper elsewhere but their previous service had impressed me enough to buy from them. One other company I had previously considered were let down by their non existent support and were Simply not good enough.

  keef6 14:00 02 Jul 2003

I bought a pc from Multivision about a year ago on the basis of good PCA reviews and 3yr onsite + 3yrs RTB warranty; included a couple of upgrades (soundcard, RAM). Took the precaution of paying by credit card following an earlier scare when another company went bust. PC delivered a bit later than they had originally said, but at the time / date we later agreed. Everything worked fine out of the box(es). After a month our youngest son managed to crash it downloading an improbably large game add-on (from the Micro$oft site!). Phoned their tech support who having tried a couple of quick fixes, talked me patiently through reinstallation of XP. On the phone for 45 mins, but only a modest phone bill due to national rate calls. Subsequently had all kinds of advice and help, mainly to fix self-inflicted problems, some on the phone, but mainly via e-mail which is generally answered within 24hrs. Once requested Nero CD writing software rather than the alternative supplied, and the CD turned up in the post the next day. So far I can't fault them.

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