partyboy17uk 20:03 28 Mar 2003

Hey everyone,
very soon i am going to buy a new PC, I have been looking all over and found a very reasonable PC for my budget.

Ionix R95 | £680.00 EXCL. VAT | £799.00 INCL. VAT

Multivision seems to come at the top of most of PC Advisor's charts, I was just wondering if anyone knows how good the company is with support overall and how good their PC quality is?

I looked at Romulus2's UK retailers review site but they only have about 5 reviews.

You get 2 years on site and 3 years off site warranty which seems very nice for the lowish price after looking at Evesham (which is pretty expensive).

My last PC that i had was very bad quality and almost everything in it was replaced, that is why i want to know....


  graham 20:29 28 Mar 2003

Hiya pb! this would get a better response in Consumerwatch.

  Lú-tzé 20:30 28 Mar 2003

Do a search on these pages and you will get a mixed response - some good, some bad. But remember that while those with problem PCs have a reason to post, those without rarely post.

Personally I have one and like the build quality of it - when I bought it, it was a super budget and I have slowly upgraded bits and pieces in the last 18 months or so. It is a solid tower and plenty of space for adding bits and pieces.

  Keith 20:39 28 Mar 2003

I bought this PC from them about 3 years ago. From the start I had spurious graphics problems and twice phoned Support (waiting at least 20 minutes for a response both times). Both times I was told they would phone me back to arrange an on-site visit - they never did. i gave up - which is what they wanted.

The system has been unstable to varying degrees ever since and I will soon be replacing it. Mind you, I may have brought the problems on myself by installing dodgy drivers, but, believe me, I have tried every trick in the book to cure things. Also, the disgraceful level of support is not exclusive to Multivision. I'm afraid that once they have your money, support is an expensive overhead and invariably leads to disappointed customers - this is not just Multivision.

And, of course, the firm may have improved since I used them (which I won't again!).

Bear in mind, value for money (lots for your cash) can lead to lower standards. It may be false economy. Think on't, lad! Keith

  partyboy17uk 20:54 28 Mar 2003

Thanks for your replies, i have posted it again in Consumerwatch.

  Robert-272781 21:10 28 Mar 2003

I bought a Multivision last year and have been extremely pleased with the quality.
With respect to support, I called to find out what leads went into which colour ports on the sound card and had the call answered in 2 minutes (avoid the mornings though as that is the busiest time).
For technical questions it is much easier to post questions on this site as the other users are really helpful and knowledgeable - always do a search first though as someone has usually had the problem before.
I would thoroughly recommend them on my experience.
Good luck with your choice.


  woodchip 21:32 28 Mar 2003

It would be OK, if search worked

  partyboy17uk 08:45 29 Mar 2003

I am getting more feedback here, so I will just keep this open. These are the ones that i found when looking for an AMD 2500 or 2600, 128Mb videocard, no monitor needed, 512Mb RAM, and the usual (CDRewriter/DVD/Floppy..) ;

Time - the cheapest, but only 12 months warranty (700 pounds)---

Multivision - loads of warranty, cheap (780 pounds) ---

Mesh - little bit expensive, nice warranty (850 pounds) ---

Evesham - very good reviews, but expensive (1000 pounds) ---

Thanks everyone for your replies.

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