Multiregion DVD player

  Legolas 18:45 19 Aug 2007

My mate has recently returned from Canada while their he purchased quite a few DVDs he wants to play them here but needs a multi region DVD

I have looked via Google but some that say they are multi region are not according to the feedback.

I am looking for a recommendation from someone who has such a player and can definitely say they will play DVDs purchased in Canada. Thanks in advance

  [email protected] 19:11 19 Aug 2007

click here

Dear Customer,

Our product manager has just contacted me regarding your question about item 124908.

He has confirmed that it is multi region.


Abi Summers

Ebuyer customer support

  Legolas 19:51 19 Aug 2007

Thanks for the link looks ok and a good price will certaily pass on the info to my mate.

  Legolas 19:18 20 Aug 2007

good reviews have purchased

  Legolas 21:08 25 Aug 2007

I purchased the DVD player mentioned above from ebuyer but although it plays region 2 DVDs(UK)it will not play region 1 the DVDs he has from Canada, I found a way to check what region the DVD player is set to and it is set to region 0 which I understand means it is region free so why will it not play the region 1 DVDs?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:08 25 Aug 2007

It may be the output format is for NTSC not PAL.

  Legolas 13:31 26 Aug 2007

I checked that and it is set to PAL. I discovered something very strange the region 1 DVD that will not play in the supposedly region free DVD player plays in my Panasonic HD recorder DVD player and my Toshiba DVD player and an old unbranded DVD player that I have lying around none of which to my knowledge are region free weird or what!!!

  [email protected] 13:51 26 Aug 2007

Hi legolas,
are all the region 1 dvds affected?
Ive read that if the dvds have RCE,that they sometimes dont play on region 0
click here

  Legolas 13:56 26 Aug 2007

I did read something about that and could explain why it will not play in the region free DVD player but why then does it play in all my other DVD players which to my knowledge are all region 2. I have only tried the one DVD but will ask my mate to bring over more of his Canadian DVDs to try out.

  [email protected] 14:03 26 Aug 2007

sorry havent got the answer,but has the dvd concerned got a globe on it with region number?

  Legolas 14:25 26 Aug 2007

Hi *THE RAVEN* No don't see a globe with a region code there is a small round cornered box with a 1 in it don't knew if that is indicating the region or not.

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