Multipurpose printer

  grahamreed 17:53 03 Jan 2009

Hi. I'm looking for a good quality mulitple printer that I can use for scanning old photo slides as well as printing. The ones I have seen seem to give poor quality scans. I would like to be able to print them as well - hence why I want a good quality reasonably priced printers / scanner.

Any ideas what product is good for under £150

  john bunyan 18:03 03 Jan 2009

Not sure of latest model no but I prefer Canon, as HP, Epson and Canon are all good, but I had trouble with ink freeze on an Epson, and now have a Canon (MP760) where there is a separate ink print head that can be removed for soaking ? cleaning - although I have not had to do this. Spec for photo slides can be found on the web.Very good print quality on photos - I use Staples Photo Plus Pearl ( cheaper than Canon) but use Canon inks- there are 2 blacks and syon, magenta and yellow, so each ink is used up.

  Stuartli 21:04 03 Jan 2009

An all in one is a compromise - separates are far superior.

I could have got an all-in-one Epson printer for much less than I paid for my Epson R300, but the latter does the job for which it was intended (photo printing) superbly; it also does a pretty good job of normal printing...:-)

  grahamreed 09:19 04 Jan 2009

Stuartii - what is the name of the Epson printer you have and do you know if it scans slides as well as ordinary photos / documents. I am primarily after an all in 1 than scans slides as well



  Stuartli 11:58 04 Jan 2009

If you read my posting above again, you will see that I have an Epson R300 Photo Printer.

I have a separate Agfa scanner, the 1212u...:-)

You need to check out the Epson and Canon websites for their scanner models that feature the means to scan slides.

  Quiet Life 13:20 04 Jan 2009

Epson Perfection V200 Photo is a good scanner for slides and everything else. The MP760 is impressive but so is the price, probably twice your budget.It is about the only all in one that does slides. If you have room you are better off with a scanner and a printer as Stuartli has said.

  john bunyan 13:20 04 Jan 2009

My Canon MP760 scans slides an negs, as well as flat bed and is a very good photo printer and photocopier . It even has a multi photo card slot. No doubt there is a newer model on the website. I agree Epsons are good printers, but Canon are also good, and I am old by local shops are less prone to ink freeze when not in continuous use.

  palinka 16:39 04 Jan 2009

I have a Canon, and before that I had a Canon; and I have NEVER had ink "freeze" - ie dry-up.
However, I have neighbours whom I help with their computer problems; 2 of them have Epsons and both those Epson's have "frozen". Each to his own , but I wouldn't buy an Epson at any price.
My scanner is a cheap Benq & I haven't tried scanning slides; don't think it has that facility.
My printer is a Canon Pixma iP4300.
I've always bought separates - that way you can get the features you want in each item, and it isn't the case that one failing means, effectively, that two fail.

  Stuartli 19:22 04 Jan 2009

I leave my Epson R300 switched on permanently - I have no problems with it, a cleaning routine is undertaken only on changing a cartridge and printing is spot on.

  woodchip 19:31 04 Jan 2009

Epson RX models Have Film Scanner in the lid

  woodchip 19:33 04 Jan 2009

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