multiplier settings.

  Iceman1978 00:09 25 May 2003

Ive just ordered a p4 2.667, is it right to set the multiplier to 20 ie. 133*20 = 2660

  Iceman1978 01:57 25 May 2003

My questions must be real crap, I was just querying my bios settings for processor speed. I never seem to get a reply on this thing, I must be asking the wrong questions.

  powerless 02:00 25 May 2003

Actually you have just sent your post back to the top where it will be once seen again.

Hopefully from a memeber called "DieSee" Seems to like the Intel processors so if he sees this hopefully he be able to tell.

Or anyone else?

I do not tknow the answer, sorry.

  hugh-265156 02:06 25 May 2003

Iceman1978 sorry to hear you didnt get a reply.sometimes the people that are well up on this are just not here when you post.your doing right though by replying again as this puts you back up to the top of the queue again.

from my very limited knowledge your settings sound right.

  Iceman1978 02:39 25 May 2003

Thought I must be sending out my posts in white font. Just wondering though 133 x 4 = 532, so how come its 533fsb is there a .25 missing.

  cream. 07:53 25 May 2003

The p4 2.667 does have a fsb of 533, so your calculations look correct.

Make sure it is the 2.66Ghz chip as the 2.6Ghz chip only has a fsb of 400.

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