Multiple TOCs in MS Word

  dazadude 11:08 16 Apr 2003

I have created a new heading style in Word to give me appendices and I want to create a seperate TOC titled 'List of Appendices'.

I already have the normal 'Contents' and 'Table of Figures' and I can't figure out how to create the appendices list.

Can anybody help!?!


  short-circuit 23:30 17 Apr 2003

I hope that I have understood the question properly. If not post again.

I am using Word 2000 and I would do it this way.
Type in Table of Appendices for the Title and move typing cursor to next line. Click on Insert and then on Index and Contents.

On the next dialogue box, click on Table of contents' tab. Change the number in the 'Show Levels' box to 1.

Click on Options button at bottom of the screen.
In Table of Contents Options dialogue box, delete out the 1 from the box next to Heading 1. Scroll down the list of Styles until you see your Appendix style name. Click in the box to the right of the name and type in 1.

Click on OK on the Table of Contents Options dialogue box.

Click on OK on the Table of Contents dialogue box.

Your separate table of contents for the Appendices should now be included in the document.


  dazadude 10:26 18 Apr 2003

It is Office XP.

Thanks for your reply. I did try what you suggest but it brings up a dialog box saying

'Do you want to replace the selected table of contents?'

and it highlights the Table Of Figures (my cursor was not on the TOF). If I click Cancel then it does not insert the list of appendices (nothing happens) and if I click OK then it inserts a perfect List of Appendices but it replaces the Table Of Figures with it!

I have already completed my report now by adding a manual list but it would be good to resolve this for future reference.


  short-circuit 11:06 19 Apr 2003

Still working on Word 2000, but when you get to the point where it asks you about replacing the TOF, you need to click on 'No' and it will then place your new table in where the cursor was situated.

I might get a go with Word XP over this weekend and I will try this again that but I think it should work the same way.


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