Multiple Threads

  Cesar 10:39 04 Sep 2004

Multiple Threads are on the increase, with one Forumite posting seven threads on the same subject.This is not neccessary when you post/reply to a thread look at the Icon of your browser if it is animated your Thread/reply is being posted, it takes along time to do either so go and make a cup of coffee.

  pj123 14:23 04 Sep 2004

It's not always due to impatience. I posted a response but after a while I got "Server Error" or "Timed Out" so I posted it again. Then when it got posted the first was there as well, even though I got an error message. I agree that posting 6 or 7 times is a bit much but because of the popularity of the Forum it is a bit frustrating. I now usually leave it for a while and try again later on, by which time, of course, someone else has managed to post a similar answer. But that's life. The answer might be, if you find your post is duplicated, to tick all the dupes as resolved???

  spuds 21:26 04 Sep 2004

It is not always the fault of the poster. Error messages appear, which can be a little confusing.Some posts get through whilst others go into hyperspace.

Today alone, I have 'lost' seven 'Post responses' to hyperspace :o(

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