"Multiple security problems" warning

  six-h 13:17 23 Sep 2010

Just had the above warning pop up in sys tray, on clicking it, my "Security Centre" opened...(the genuine one), showing nothing unusual.
AVG has not "squeaked", so I'm just running a full scan to see if it picks up anything.
Is it likely that I'm infected with something?

  jimv7 13:22 23 Sep 2010

Download the free malwarebytes from click here udate it and run.

  MAJ 13:24 23 Sep 2010

"Multiple security problems" warning's are usually given by fake antivirus applications that have installed themselves on your computer. Let MBAM run it's scan and see what it reports.

  six-h 14:40 23 Sep 2010

Thanks jimv7 & MAJ, just run a full scan with MBAM and only found "MyWebSearch", can't imagine that generated the security probs warning though, still, it's nice to know that I've got a "clean machine"!
Should I be worried that the source of the warning has evaded detection?

  john bunyan 14:49 23 Sep 2010

I would also run Superantispyware, if you have it.I have found it finds things missed by MBAM and vice versa.Bay be worth a rerun of both in "safe mode"

  birdface 14:55 23 Sep 2010

My web search would create a security warning.
I would also run C Cleaner if you have it.
The next time you reboot check again with Malwarebytes to make sure it has not come back.

  Woolwell 15:17 23 Sep 2010

Multiple security warnings can mean that your anti-virus definitions are not up to date.

  six-h 15:47 23 Sep 2010

Hi Guys, just done a full scan with SAS which has turned up only the 917 tracking cookies that AVG nolonger bothers with!
buteman, never tried CCleaner despite reading of it many times on here.
Truth to tell, I'm a bit scared of it...it seems to be one of those tools that could do more damage than good in the wrong hands, and mine would certainly qualify as that!
Woolwell, I use AVG 9.0 Free and it's updated daily....for all the good it does!
Just to clarify, I've not had "Multiple" warnings, just the one, warning of "Multiple security problems"...just the kind of thing you would expect "Scareware" to generate.

  six-h 15:54 23 Sep 2010

Regarding the setting up of SAS, I've unticked 4 of the5 items under "Startup Options", leaving only the "Integrate with Vista Security centre" option ticked.
Does that sound reasonable??

  birdface 16:44 23 Sep 2010

If using I/E just delete browsing history.

  six-h 16:54 23 Sep 2010

buteman, is that to clear the cookies?
I have always had history set to Zero days, so there's never much to clear, still had 917 tracking cookies stashed away somewhere!
AVG used to get rid of these on it's weekly scan, now that it doesn't do that. nor ever report any problems, I am beginning to think maybe it's as useful as "Elephant powder".

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