Multiple PCs on an uninterrupable power supply

  Christopher Lewis 14:04 02 Nov 2007

I have three networked home PCs. If I have a UPS, how can I get all three PCs to shut down gracefully, when the battery gets low?


  ambra4 14:27 02 Nov 2007

Are all the Computers / Monitors close to the UPS?

Or do you intend connect 3 Computers, 3 Monitors, 1 printer, 1 Broadband router by running extension cable to each computer from the UPS.


Please note that to run three Computer System, Modem/Router/Printer/ plus any other electrical equipment would required a very large UPS system

It would be best if you had a UPS for each Computer / Monitor System

With three UPS System each would shut down gracefully on it own

  carmichy 14:34 02 Nov 2007

Ambra Sorry to interupt but go thinkthatanswer through again

  Christopher Lewis 14:45 02 Nov 2007

Yes, the three computers are close to each other. They are all Shuttles, each psu is 240 watts.

I don't intend to plug the (one) monitor, printer, router etc. into the UPS, just the PCs.

  ambra4 17:08 02 Nov 2007

Please Note A Computer Is Not Just the Box On the Floor

UPS is for when there is NO electricity so where are you plugging the monitor into the wall socket??

That don’t make sense you will need a monitor to be ON to see the PC is shutting down most UPS would allow you 10 – 30 minimum time before shutting down it all depends on the size and the load on the UPS when the power goes off

If you looking to use the software command from the UPS to shut down the PC only one PC can be connect to the UPS Command port: so you will need the monitor on the other two PC to be ON to shut them down

At presently I live in a country where there is power fairly on a weekly basic and have install and maintain UPS for 1 Computers system to 1000 Computers System and the UPS is the size of your living room

In the UK if you have a power fairly every 6-month that is a lot


You should read and understand before making comments

  Christopher Lewis 17:48 19 Nov 2007

I have answered my own question, in case anyone searches the forums.

I bought a Belkin Universal UPS, and the software that comes with it "Belkin Bulldog Plus Shutdown Software" does what I want. One copy runs as a 'master' on the PC monitoring the UPS, other PCs run it in 'network slave' mode. The slaves listen using the network for shutdown commands from the master.


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