Multiple partitions, for XP,Vista and Linux

  nivlekio 16:34 26 Feb 2008

Hey all I want to partition my 1TB HDD in to difffrent sizes One partition for XP,Vista and linux can any one tell me the maximum space these os's require so i dont waste space? I was thinking 20GB for XP, 80GB for vista and unsure for linux.... Also see for disk paging say if xp uses 19gb on the 20gb partition and i told it to have a disk paging of 5gb will that affect it? or will it use another partition with enough free space?

Thanks in advance

  nivlekio 16:36 26 Feb 2008

Also forgot to say for example if i install a prog under XP will i have to reinstall it for Vista?

  Sheik Yerbouti 17:50 26 Feb 2008

The partition sizes will depend what programs you are going to install under each OS (Yes you will have to install each program twice for windows XP and Vista, and the acquire the Linux version for that OS).
My XP occupies 9 GB with lots of apps. installed (but no pics/music/vids., which are stored on another drive, so I guess 20 GB is OK there.

Vista will use a bit more, but I doubt it will use more than 15 GB with apps. so say, 30 GB.?

Linux shouldn't use too much, though you will need someone elses advice on that.

I tried recently to install Ubuntu on a separate partition and it trashed my boot up of XP. Luckily, I have everything backed up and instaaling XP afresh wasn't a problem, but I haven't messed with linux since.

One thing that might be of interest to you would be something like VMWare, where you can install XP , then run Vista and Linux as Virtual OS's from within XP. I have done this in the past and it is a good option to multiple partition on HDD.

Don't forget if you go down your planned route to install XP BEFORE Vista.

  Sheik Yerbouti 17:54 26 Feb 2008

Just to add, the 2 biggest programs on my XP are Office 2007, and Photoshop CS3. If you where to install say, Crysis, COD4, Half Life and Quake you could add 10GB to above figure.

  LastChip 01:15 27 Feb 2008

It depends which version of Linux you want to install. It can be as small as one floppy disc, or typically, a modern distro complete with all the associated applications, uses about 5Gigs.

You will also need some working space; your /home directory, for which I recommend you use a separate partition and some swap space. The /home directory does NOT have to be on it's own partition, but it's useful when maybe you try a different distro. More about that if you need to know.

The swap partition is normally about twice the size of your physical memory, but these days, as memory is becoming so large, anything above about 1 Gig is a bit of an overkill.

To summarise, say 10 Gigs for the / (root) partition (allows for expansion), the same for your /home partition (or 20 Gigs if your combining them) and 1 Gig for the swap partition.

click here for a page I wrote, that touches on partitioning in Linux.

Note also, most mainstream distro's now run directly from the CD/DVD, albeit at a slower speed. This gives you the opportunity to try a distro out, without actually installing it on your computer.

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