Multiple input AV Capture Software ?

  ajwhiteh 16:23 20 Sep 2007

Hi All,

Can anybody help - I'm looking for a piece of software which will let me capture audio and video from 2 or 3 USB cameras ? I'd like it to keep the 2 or 3 captures in sync so I can rewind and fast forward through all 2 or 3 at the same time, both audio and video.

Does anyone know of anything ? I've searched on all osrts of things and I can't find anything that does this. I don't need to edit it - just record and playback.

Thanks, in advance, for your help !


  Technotiger 16:31 20 Sep 2007

Hmmm, I think you are looking for the wrong thing. Rather than software, I think what you need is a piece of Hardware as used in Mixing - something from
click here or similar perhaps.

  ajwhiteh 16:51 20 Sep 2007

Thanks, TechnoTiger ! I thought it would be easy to use 2 or 3 USB ports with a webcam type device on each to do the capture and one bit of software to tie the capture together and keep the playback in sync.

Will I need to do the mixing *before* I hit the PC ? That looks more complicated (And expensive !) than I hoped it would be...any guidance ?

  Technotiger 16:51 20 Sep 2007

This is the type of thing I had in mind, though you can get much cheaper ones.

click here

  Technotiger 17:05 20 Sep 2007

I have not done it recently, but I used to do quite a bit very cheaply using equipment bought at boot-sales, and using my old Amiga 1200 computer, plus two ordinary tv sets as monitors to view before/after effects of my video/audio/camcorder mixing.

I bought this one for £2 at a recent boot-sale with a view to having another dabble just for fun, and I have seen bigger ones with more inputs/outputs, usually about £5 at most.

"click here

  Technotiger 17:10 20 Sep 2007

Ooops, my mistake - ...

<a href="click here" target="_blank"><img src="click here" alt=

  Technotiger 17:19 20 Sep 2007

I did my earlier mixing on the pc with all hardware items connected - but that was the good old Amiga, when I feel in the mood I will have a go with my present PC - but not just yet.

  ajwhiteh 17:31 20 Sep 2007

Thanks again ! That's really helpful. I'm still a bit confused though...I think the mixer box you show would let me produce a video cutting together multiple imputs.

What I want to do is record my students whilst they give a solo presentation and play it back to them with one audio track and a front and side view of them presenting so that they can see how they look from more than one angle. I'd like to be able to go forward and back keeping both camera angles and the audio track in sync. I don't want to edit or cut and paste or anything like that. A video recording with one soundtrack and two POV's, if you like.

I was hoping there would be some video capture software that let me tack on an extra input, but from what you're saying it's not that easy ?

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