Multiple emailing!!

  CutNpaste 22:19 11 Jul 2006

Hi everyone,
I got a website where there are a lot of people signed up to my newsletter.
I wanted to email them together without showing the email addresses of all the subscribers.
Can i do this with outlook??

Also is there any email program that i can set up to access my database whre the newsletter subscribers email addresses are and download them to the program and sending the email.

thanks !!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:27 11 Jul 2006

In outlook click 'new message' and go to 'view'. Select 'Bcc field' (blind carbon copy). Put your email address in the 'to' column and everyone else's in the Bcc column. You will receive an email and all the rest will not be able to see any address apart form yours.


  Taff™ 11:50 12 Jul 2006

The program you are looking for is Word !!! I regularly mail out to about 100 clubs and 250 members. You have to be aware of any restrictions your ISP may have on the number of e-mails you send in one go. I split mine into batches of 100 - give them a ring and check.

I use Excel as my database and I set up a mail merge in Word. By putting in merge fields I can personalise the e-shot with anything in the database. Dear "Fred" for example. I also use the Insert Word Field and "If..Then..Else" function to further personalise the e-shot. For example I can look at a field in Excel and produce different pieces of text accordingly. "Thank you for paying your subs" or "Your subs are outstanding".

Open Word first and go to Tools Options and on the general tab select "confirm conversion at open". Close Word and reopen it. Now start a new document and right click the toolbars and select mail merge (If you`re not using Word 2002 post back for instructions)

When this toolbar opens towards the left there is an icon which "Opens the Data Source" navigate to your Excel database. You will get a message that gives you the option to "Confirm Data Source" choose Excel Worksheet via converter. Choose Yes and then OK.

I strongly suggest you turn off Automatic Send Receive in your e-mail client (Outlook or Outlook Express) otherwise they`ll be sent automatically. You need to check a few in case they don`t look right and you need to amend the layout. I always put my own details into the database and just send myself the first one.

Now you can write your e-shot. By selecting the "ABC" icon you can see data in your document as it will appear when sent. Selecting a different record brings up the next recipient using the arrow icons on the toolbar. When you`ve finished select the "Merge to e-mail" option. Choose HTML as the format and put in a Subject line. You can then select ALL in the database or select other parameters.

It`s very simple once you know how and these instructions are concise to say the least. Have a play and post back if you need some more help.

  SANTOS7 11:55 12 Jul 2006

click here
not so GANDALF <|:-)> the link will help click here

  Dr Wolf 11:57 12 Jul 2006

Good advice in theory but It does not work. See the thread 'BCC- how do i keep addresses private' I have recently started. The receiver will still have access to the BCC addresses if they are willing to look for them.

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