Multiple Email Addresses & Outlook

  PeterCutting 10:28 01 Feb 2007

I am sure there must be a sensible answer to this.

I have several email addresses..but want to use only one of them to send from. However my ISP is NTL (dont ask). Outlook blocks me from sending with any other email than the one. How can I receive from all but send only from one which is NOT the one

Many thanks
(old fashioned luddite)

  recap 10:35 01 Feb 2007

Try this: In Outlook/Tools/Email Accounts, check the 'View or change existing e-mail accounts' button. In the list that is in the next window, highlight the required account and set it as the 'Default' account.

  PeterCutting 10:39 01 Feb 2007

Thanks recap

tried that..still blocks it.....
However am trying to chagne my smtp and pop3 settings to see if that works. Any other help welcome

  jtt 12:51 01 Feb 2007

I'm with NTL, and I find that you can send all sorts of different emails (eg and not just They also allow the use of SMTP addresses other than the NTL one - something that some other ISPs don't allow you to do. So, I suspect that the problem is in the Outlook setup rather than with NTL.

What error message do you get from Outlook?

When you say you can only send, are you referring to the end of the email address (eg [email protected]) or the end of the smtp server (eg

  PeterCutting 11:52 02 Feb 2007


Got it sorted now Thanks though

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