Multiple e-mail accounts

  kp 22:42 13 Mar 2005

A small query. I have 3 e-mail accounts on 3 separate domains that I own, all set up on one PC. 2 are used for work - different businesses -and 1 for home use. I use WinXP home and outlook 2000 for my e-mail programme. I only have 1 user account set up in XP and don't really want to have any more. Is there any way that I can configure Outlook to ensure that a particular person in my address book is always e-mailed by me using a particular e-mail account rather than having to select it manually when I send the e-mail? My home e-mail account is set as default and if I forget to click the correct 'send using' button, a work client can receive an e-mail from my home account. Any help welcome.


  Forum Editor 00:55 14 Mar 2005

and I wish I could come up with a neat answer, but I can't. You aren't the first person to ask this, and I would like to see the facility built into future Outlook versions - so much so that I've sent a recommendation to Microsoft that they include an option to specify a 'from' address for each contact.

None of which helps you, though.

  Jeffers22 08:39 14 Mar 2005

I have a similar situation as I also work largely from home. The only way I have been able to achieve a different "from" address is to alter the default account temporarily - not very convenient and easily forgotten!

Your "send using" option, interests me very much. I've had a quick look in help and at the toolbar and menus but can find no reference to "send using" Could you please point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance

  exdragon 09:50 14 Mar 2005

I've got Outlook 2002 and when I create a new message, next to the Send button at the left hand side there's one called Accounts. If you click on this, it will show all the email names you've set up. You just then select the one you want to use and a yellow box should appear, saying This message will be sent via ....

If you haven't got the Accounts button, have a look in the Add/Remove buttons option.

  kp 22:42 14 Mar 2005

Sorry Jeffers - I didn't make it very clear when I said 'send using'. There is an expand/menu option next to the send button (downward pointing triangle) which allows you to select the account if you have more than one. If you click on this it will allow you to select the preferred account.

Thanks FE for your input. It looks like I need to either reset my default or think before I click 'send' (not easy!!). The option to assign an e-mail account to a contact in Outlook would be very useful to users with multiple e-mail accounts - I await the next version. And yes, I am still here since the early days when I could answer the easier queries on the PCA forum. All of those have now been answered. We are left with much more complex problems which I have to admit defeat on. I still enjoy a good lurk and hopefully contribute from time to time but less frequently. I still visit regularly though.

Many thanks.


  Jeffers22 23:19 15 Mar 2005

Thankyou. I've been using outlook for some years, but have never explored all the buttons. That is far easier than delving into tools > options > accounts. I really need to study the detail of the way these damn progs work a little more closely.

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