Multiple broadband ISP's through router

  Pineman100 07:44 06 Feb 2007

A pal of mine (who doesn't really know what he's doing) has asked me (ditto) to help him set up a network in his house.

He wants to connect to his broadband ISP from his PC through a Belkin router (hard wired ethernet), and allow his daughter to connect to her different broadband ISP from her laptop.

He's bought a Belkin wireless router/adsl modem and he's fitted his PC with an ethernet card. His daughter's laptop is wireless enabled.

But we're both stumped as to how to set up connections to the two different ISPs through the one router/broadband modem.

Can anyone please help?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:28 06 Feb 2007

How can the daughter have a different broadband ISP? Does she have a seperate phone line? If so, then she will need a modem / router connected to her phone line.

If she simply wants to keep her email address she can do so even using your pal's connection.

  Pineman100 08:53 06 Feb 2007

Sorry - I should have been clearer. It's a complex situation, but daughter has recently moved back in with parents after a boyfriend bust-up. So she's left her own phone line behind at boyfriend's house.

How can she use her own email address at her father's home?

Thanks for your help.

  xania 09:01 06 Feb 2007

Each modem has to be programmed to a specific telephone number and this number will be used to connect to the chosen ISP. It follows that you can only have one ISP for each modem. I'm pretty certain also that each telephone line can only connect to one ISP - certainly you cannot connect to 2 ISP's simultaneously. However, connecting to e-mail from another ISP is a more straightforward matter. Most ISP's allow you to view and reply to email via the Internet as well as via OE etc - all you need to do is find out from them the url of their mail site. You log on in the usual way and off you go. Alternatively, I'm pretty certain that, if the account in OE is set up correctly, it wil still access the correct mailbox, but you may need to clarify this with the second ISP.

  Miros 11:34 06 Feb 2007

Just shearch for the web address i.e. say would give you click here then log in with your name and password in the normal way. Tiscali would give you. click here
And so on,or you can as sugested above use OE.

  Miros 11:42 06 Feb 2007

Sorry I misunderstood, I see first she needs to connect her laptop to the internet.
I leave this to the more Techie efficient than me, I'm sure you will get the right answer here.

  Pine Man 14:26 06 Feb 2007

There are two ways for your friends daughter to access her emails at her fathers house.

1 Use her fathers PC to access her ISP's web site, or

2 Load her fathers ISP onto her computer and use her fathers log in details to access his ISP and then log onto her own.

  howard64 17:38 06 Feb 2007

once router is enabled via your pc you can then enable wireless and set a password/ssid then this ssid has to be installed on daughters laptop and she should be able to connect. You should have received a manual, poss on the setup cd, with the router.

  Pineman100 18:24 06 Feb 2007

I discussed your replies with the daughter today, and she's decided the easiest solution will be to create a new alias for herself on her father's email account, and tell all her friends that she's changed her email address.

I got the router successfully set up today, hard-wired to the PC and daughter's wireless laptop talking to it.

So all is well.

Many thanks for everyone's help - much appreciated.

  Batch 18:25 06 Feb 2007

Daughter needs to be enabled on network including to access internet via father's existing ISP.

Then two choices for accessing email:

1. Use as webmail via browser (assuming HER existing ISP supports this).

2. Set up an account in email client (e.g. Outlook Express) for the email account that she wants to use, with the Ougoing Mail Server (SMTP) set up to be the SMTP server of her father's ISP.

However, HER existing ISP may not allow her to keep her existing email if she is going to terminate HER broadband service (ask them). In which case she'll need to set-up a new email account (with her father's ISP or, better, sombeody like Tiscali Pay As You Go, so that the email address is persistent). Then 1 or 2 above come apply again.

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