Multimedia Shuttle with wireless connections

  OPEN18 10:33 13 Apr 2004

I'm a bit of a PC amateur and need some help. I have long wanted a PC that I keep in my lounge and use as: DVD and CD player/recorder, radio, video, MP3 player and then, in another room, have a monitor, keyboard, mouse and printer that links into the same PC.

I have recently come across a product from MSI that seems to do this (and you don't need to boot up windows to use the multimedia functionality). Is this a decent product and is it feasible to have wireless links to another room?

What is the best way to do this: bluetooth, wifi, other?

  temp003 12:33 13 Apr 2004

I don't know enough to give you a reliable answer. Can think of a few things to bear in mind, and bump you up the list for others to see.

The MSI cubes you have in mind are decent products. But as with all these cubes, there are limited expansion slots and connections. Make sure there are enough connections for what you need to achieve (usually 1 AGP slot and 1 PCI slot).

Wireless keyboard and mouse (using RF) are common. Connection is either PS/2 or USB. Can be used in another room but the wall will affect the strength of signal, but possible.

For the printer to be used in another room, you'll need a bluetooth-supported model. If computer doesn't come with bluetooth, you'll need either a PCI card or a USB bluetooth dongle to wirelessly connect the printer.

Make sure the other room is within the working distance of the wireless devices.

The monitor is going to be a bit of a problem. There are wireless monitors, but they are not mainstream products. You won't have much choice, and even if you can get hold of a supplier, I suspect it will be quite expensive. A quick search reveals a ViewSonic and a Philips. Both use wifi. I don't know how well they work and how reliable they are. Computer must use XP. A lot of these cubes have inbuilt wifi support. Check they use the same standard as the monitor. If different, you'll need to buy a PCI or USB wifi access point.

A cheaper alternative to the wireless monitor may be, if you aleady have another computer in the other room, to set up a wifi network between the 2 computers and use the other computer to operate the cube from the other room.

If the cube comes with integrated graphics, make sure it supports dual monitor display. If not, you'll need to get a display card which does that, and make sure the display card (some take more space than others) fits into the AGP slot

The other thing is sound. I don't know how one can have the computer connected to speakers both in the living room and the other room. No idea.

Quite a few people on this forum have used these cubes, and maybe they have tried already. I'd be interested to learn what they do.

  OPEN18 18:23 30 Apr 2004


  OPEN18 10:11 04 May 2004

Seems expensive once added in all the processors, hard drive, graphics card etc.

Box is only £150 on ebuyer.

Anyone got any experience with this?

  Danoh 10:34 04 Jul 2004

I presume you want the SFF PC in your lounge, with 5:1 speakers to connect up to your TV, but controlled from another room nearby, without wires.

I have no experience but am only answering from a theoretical basis;

There is limited space in a SFF PC for extra cards so you will need to consider it a slave computer within a network which is driven by another master computer, much as you have in a training environment.

Your monitor, keyboard and printer would actually be that for the master computer, which flips over to run your lounge slave PC.

The new 803.11a with the higher frequency (not compatible with 803.11b and g) will penetrate walls better. So a WiFi LAN setup would suit.

Hope that helps.

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