Multimedia keyboard is not recognised by PC

  no-klu 10:26 02 May 2006

Just got a new Mesh PC Tower without keyboard etc as I'm using my previous one - a Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard 1.0a PS/2. The PC during startup says no keyboard present and XP does not recognise this either, I can get no response from the keyboard. I'm assuming that I may need to load new drivers etc or maybe change a start up file ? and/or load possibly other software - but I have no disks or guidance. My older Mesh pc does not have any of the disks as this was already loaded from the factory. I've had a good search on Microsoft and I'm unable to find the right driver or any help - advise please ?

  sidecar sid 10:34 02 May 2006

Try here
click here

  Stuartli 10:50 02 May 2006

The keyboard should be able to use the standard driver initially - try uninstalling it first from Device Manager and then rebooting.

Windows should Find New Hardware and install its own driver.

You can then install the correct driver from the MS website if you want all the bells and whistle, although the basic driver does what most people require.

  Methedrine 10:59 02 May 2006

Also check that you haven't bent one of the pins on the P/S2 plug when you reconnected the keyboard.

  no-klu 17:08 04 May 2006

Thanks for all your responses. I've tried installing the driver from the suggested url, this didn't work (tried before), XP still does not not recognise the new hardware (why not ?).

I've now got an old PS/2 keyboard working with the pc, so standard driver does work, and no pins bent - but still does not work with the multimedia keyboard.

I'm going to try uninstalling from device manager and see what happens - however it seems strange that keyboard is not recognised on booting up - even before drivers are loaded under XP. Is there a file I could edit to recognise this - system.ini ?? or other file ?

  Stuartli 17:57 04 May 2006

I swap occasionally from a wireless multifucntion keyboard to a PS/2 version - in fact I've done it this week when one of the offspring borrowed the wireless version as he was upgrading a system without a PS/2 socket.

I just make sure that my system is off when I reconnect the wireless keyboard, boot up and then go through the short channels setting routine for the keyboard and optical mouse.

There is also a configuration icon in the Taskbar to select/change the various keyboard features required.

So your problem is a bit of a puzzle...:-(

  Totally-braindead 18:07 04 May 2006

I think the only option is to try the keyboard on another PC, perhaps your old one if thats still about. I'm using a multimedia keyboard now, a cheapo one and have never had to do anything to it to get it to work as a normal keyboard as has been said by the others. The only thing that doesn't work is the extra keys and they won't work until I install the drivers which I haven't done as I never use them.
I think your keyboard may be faulty.

  no-klu 20:06 04 May 2006

well, tried every suggestion, and have to conclude the keyboard is faulty. Tried it on a friends pc and XP won't recognise it either - completely dead as a dead thing can be. Many thanks for all the advice - much appreciated.

  Stuartli 23:45 04 May 2006

In that case it sounds as though the wireless transmission component has packed up - it happened with my last wireless keyboard.

You can buy wireless keyboard and optical mouse sets from £14.99 to £20.99 from manufacturers such as Typhoon, Trust, Chic, Silvercrest etc - these are rebadged, excellent products from A4Tech, which produces its own and OEM versions in extensive numbers.

In fact I wouldn't be surprised, although I've no real evidence, that it also produces the Microsoft models.

See if you can recognise your keyboard and/or mouse at:

click here

  no-klu 11:17 05 May 2006

Many thanks for the recommendation ! Just about to place an order...The "faulty" keyboard is/was a wired one, "strangely" enough the optical mouse went faulty too. Bit of background - this all happened because my last Mesh PC basically "blew up" - the PSU spiked, destroyed components including the PSU, Motherboard and CPU etc. I guess it took out the keyboard and mouse - I was surprised it damaged some of the peripherals, so a lesson for all. And it was just a month out of 3 years warranty :-(
It was cheaper to get a new PC rather than repair it - and came with another 3 years warranty. Luckily I backed up the data - and recovered this safely....I put this down to advise and information from PCadvisor...cheers guys, helpful as ever.

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