multimedia audio controller driver

  laura e 16:11 09 Mar 2005

Hi, I need to reinstall drivers for the multimedia audio controller because I have upgraded to windows 2000. I have no idea which driver I need or how I find out! Does anybody know how I can find this out or any suitable drivers?
Thanks!! :)

  quack 16:16 09 Mar 2005

This is your sound card. If it is on board the drivers should be on your motherboard disk. If it isn't on board use the disk that came with your sound card. If you have no disks find out what the sound card is by a. Going to your motherboard makers site on line or b. take the card out of the machine and note what it says on the chip and search for the drivers at the site of the manufacturer of the card.

  laura e 16:23 09 Mar 2005

ooh yeah! i have just found the disc here! but i dont know if it will work because this is the disc from when we had windows me! but i'll have a look n see what it says! thanks!

  Joe R 16:27 09 Mar 2005

laura e,
if you can't get the right drivers, post back with the make and model no of your mobo.

  laura e 16:52 09 Mar 2005

ok! found the driver on the cd and installed fine n everything but there is still no sound coming out of my speakers! :(

  quack 17:26 09 Mar 2005

Silly perhaps but have you got the speakers switched on and plugged into the right hole. Probably coloured green but if not try the two outer holes. Also make sure that it is the soundcard you have plugged into and not the modem card.

  laura e 18:00 09 Mar 2005

yeah speakers r switched on and pretty sure the wire is plugged into the right hole too! its weird!! maybe if i turn the comp off n restart to make the drivers take effect? or would that not make a difference? :-s i'm clueless!!

  quack 09:42 10 Mar 2005

Could be you have wrong driver loaded. Go to Control Panel > System> Device Manager (which maybe under Hardware tag) and see if you have any query on Sound and Multimedia. If you have right click and go to Properties>Reinstall Driver put your disk in and select Install from list or other location. Click OK and when the window opens Browse to the Drive with the disk in it and look for Drivers Win2000 and load that driver if any. If not there try the XP driver. Failing all else Google your sound card name and find driver on makers site.

  laura e 11:00 10 Mar 2005

hiya, no theres no query on the sound and multimedia bit in device manager. there was but it went after i installed the driver, although there were 3 drivers listed that i could of selected but the two recommended ones didnt work so only the least recommended one worked. Although its still saying device working correctly. :s I think i will go to google n see if i can download maybe a more suitable driver for my computer!

  laura e 21:34 10 Mar 2005

my motherboard is called an AOpen AK33 i think. And im running windows 2000. But i dont know the name of my sound card! Can i find a driver suitable with this information?

  quack 11:45 11 Mar 2005

We haven't yet established if your sound card is on board or not. If it is on board the plugs will be in the same area as your keyboard etc. If it isn't the plugs will be situated horizontally lower down on the back of the computer. Have you actually tried the Windows Update site to see if there are any driver updates available from there. Microsoft are becoming quite efficient at finding new drivers for peripherals. If that doesn't work take the side off your computer and remove the card and read the info on the chip (if not on board) and Google that info. If on board Google the mobo details and look for updated drivers for your particular mobo on the Aopen site. If you do remove the soundcard make sure the machine is switched off at the mains. You can leave the power lead in as that will act as an earth for static electricity if you touch the metal case.

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