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I am working with web designer, he delivered good website, after I want to have same website in several EU languages, he is suggesting multilingual platform, all fine except he want to charge £1.600 for this work, to me this sound absurd, can anyone let me know amount of work involved to set this up? Thanks for advice.

  cycoze 00:32 31 Mar 2010

How many web pages are on your existing site?

How many different languages do you want to reach?

Lets say you have ten pages, these can be copied and renamed then stored in a different folder or made into a sub-domain on your server, they can then have the language translated and replaced on them.

Say you want six different languages, the same process can be done another five times resulting in six new folders or sub-domains plus your original site which will have to have the index (home) page changed to link up the different language versions.

The copying and re-homing of the pages is fairly easy and straight forward, If they are on sub-domains the page re-linking would be minimal, however someone then has to translate the pages and retype them into the new language, images with text on them will have to be redone.

Add that up and it makes sixty pages that have to be translated and typed, divide 1,600 by 60 and your looking at £25 a page, probably not to bad if you have to pay a translator and some to type it all up.

If your site has only two pages and you only want it translated into two other languages then it is way too much! point being that you have to really look at what is involved, better still ask your web designer to go through it with you and break it down as above.

Thx for your reply. Pages will be translated by translator and text put next to original, it’s about 12 pages. My question was – web designer offered to create following his text:

“The other option would be to program the site into a multilingual platform in that you will be able to click a button and add a new language – however to do this we would have to give controls to edit content on every single page of the site and this would be the most expensive option – however if you are going to add more than 5 languages the £1600 cost to do this would actually save you money in the long term and not require any further input from me each time you want to add a new language.”

Not sure how much work is involved to create this multilingual platform, but to me cost seam to expensive, as this was same price he asked to do whole website. If he sent this us, we will do all work, what I don’t know how much work is need in hours to create multilingual platform for 12 pages website?

Thanks - no this is not what he is thinking see this e mail from him:

"""There will a button for you - ADD LANAGUGE in admin : When you hit this button you will be able to add any language which will essentially automatically copy the site, allow you to edit the content of every page of the site and then insert the new text for every page that will be displayed in that language.

Then in the front end a series of flasg will be shown for all the languages you have added.

The work involved is modifying the whole site so that every single page is driven from the database and then programming new areas in your admin called 'languages' and then within that you will firstly be able to edit any content in any page in English yourself giving you now massive editing power and control any way, additionally you will be able to 'ADD LANGUAGE' this will create a new section of admin for you to edit any content in any language you have added. In addition to that, all internships that you have added will into this new language section where you will be able to edit those too."""

so to add this function to admin part of web - is it a lot of work?

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