Multi- Session CDR ????

  Bagsey 09:20 18 Jan 2003
  Bagsey 09:20 18 Jan 2003

Following an earlier thread that tried to explain why somone who had a CD burned in Australia who could not read it here on his computer, I made the comment that I never had trouble reading my multi-session CDs on lots of other computers PCs or MAcs. I was pointed to a site that partly explained the burning of Cds, but I was left with more question than answers.
Can anyone explain the technology, behind cd burning. For example how does multi-session work?? If I have a computer (at School )that has a cd writer why can I not do multi-session on it. What can I do to get this facility. I have tried putting my copy of nero on to test a theory but that didnt work.
Any help, advice, Guidance, or knowledge will be very gratefully received.

Arthur Baker

  Stuartli 09:27 18 Jan 2003

If you read the Help notes with Nero it explains what to do.

Basically the first time you use a CD-R for multisession you use Start Multisession and on subsequent burnings Continue Multisession; remember to import the original file(s) each time until the disk is full.

Perhaps the easiest way to use Nero is to download Nero Express which will guide you through the process until you become familiar with it.

Use a CD-RW disk for your experimentation - it won't matter if you go wrong whereas a CD-R would have to be thrown away.

  Bagsey 09:33 18 Jan 2003

Sorry but I must not have explained myself and problem clearly. I have no problem burning Cds in multisession using Nero but I want to know why my computer at school has that facility greyed out. Etc.

  Stuartli 09:52 18 Jan 2003

It might be worth asking the Administrator who may have a good reason or, on the other hand, may not be aware of the situation.

  Gemma 13:21 18 Jan 2003

Some CD drives can't handle multisession, maybe the school system is one of them. See here for a possible explanation: click here

As I know you to be a generous person Mr. B, buy them one that will....

  Bagsey 23:22 18 Jan 2003

As I know you to be a generous person Mr. B, buy them one that will....

I thought that I had. A £500 emachine from PC world. so now what do I need to buy now to fix this problem.

  Bagsey 08:42 20 Jan 2003


  Gemma 09:29 20 Jan 2003

Ask the IT teacher at the school to check the documentation / help files for the CD drive to see if it says it supports multisession. If it doesn't then the only option is to replace the drive with one that does. Around £50 buys a good RW device. You don't need warp factor nine speeds but you will need a manufacturer that has a reliable download service as most of the logic in the drive can be refreshed ("flashed").

If the docs say the drive does support multisession you will need help from the PC supplier if the CD drive is not identifiable by brand and model which would allow you to use the suppliers web site for updates to the driver or even the drives logic if that is available.

  Stuartli 09:44 20 Jan 2003

If you buy a current CD-ROM or CD-RW drive there should be no need to flash one - it's a risky business at the very best of times and could lead to it being rendered unusable if anything goes wrong.

  Gemma 10:17 20 Jan 2003

I share your views but the manufacturers, faced with diminishing product lives and an increasing rate of change in technology and standards, are being pushed into a corner. The smarter ones are turning it into a benefit such as Samsung click here however it still makes me nervous especially for those PC users with little experience.

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