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  Annew 07:12 01 Jul 2004

Can someone please help me.
I have some home videos that I would like to convert to dvd and send to family in the states. Does a multi region DVD recorder record dvds that can be played in the USA? Can anyone recommend a dvd recorder or tell me how I can do it any other way.

Please keep it simple as I am a newbie to all this.

  €dstowe 08:16 01 Jul 2004

Regions are an extra on commercial DVDs. A home video or DVD will not have region settings.

Note also that there shouldn't be a problem with the TV system either (PAL -> NTSC). The conversion is done in the machine that is used for playback.

  €dstowe 08:18 01 Jul 2004

Sorry, missed a bit. Are you looking for a stand-alone DVD recorder or a DVD writer for use in a computer?

  Annew 08:32 01 Jul 2004

A stand alone. So I would not need a multi region recorder?
I read from other threads that it is the easiest way to transfer to dvd.

  €dstowe 08:57 01 Jul 2004

The regions are only to do with commercial DVDs and are a form of copy protection to prevent use in countries where they are not authorised. It has nothing to do with the technical side of making or playing DVDs except insofar that a disc with a region setting will not play on a machine set to the wrong region.

As you are making your own discs, you can forget all about regions.

Regarding machines, have a look at click here

My father has just bought a click here and seems quite happy with it. There are, of course cheaper models.


  SirGalahad2004 10:44 01 Jul 2004


  Lozzy 10:57 01 Jul 2004

If you burn your own Video's onto DVD to send to the states makes sure the format is avi, mpeg, etc and it will on any DVD player world wide. It does work as I am in the states at the mo and I have done the same thing.

  €dstowe 11:02 01 Jul 2004

It is best to allow the DVD writer to decide the format Set it to write a DVD and forget all about MPEG, AVI and all that stuff - the machine will sort that out for you.

Although a DVD may be written in MPEG format, there are other important things in addition that tell your DVD player how to handle the information on the disc etc. which you don't get by merely copying an MPEG file.

  Annew 13:29 01 Jul 2004

A big thankyou to you all. You have put my mind at rest and I will now go out and buy a recorder.

  €dstowe 13:40 01 Jul 2004

Good luck with it.

I spoke to my father about his a few minutes ago.

He says read the manual carefully before you try any recording and make certain you understand it. After that, it's easy.


  SEASHANTY 16:27 01 Jul 2004

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