Multi Monitors High Resolution

  dandew 00:30 16 Sep 2011

Please help. I want several monitors ( at least 3 ) all high Res 1920:1080 or higher.

Have read so many help pages and can not find useful answer I have several computers ( powerful ) driving 2 suitable monitors file off PciExpress slots. MBs have only one such slot each.

I built one of those myself and am quite prepared to built another to satisfy above requirements.

I have read of USB devices for this purpose but they seem to supply only lower resolutions.

My main problem is finding a MB with 2 PceE X16 slots and then Cards which will work together ( not particular whether SLI or Crossfire.

At this point I am using Win 7 and XP and either will do on new cptr for my purposes.

This subject is bewildering for me. I know the Finaancial companies and many others use multiple monitors for years so it must be possible ( at required high Res )

Can anyone advise.

  woody 10:50 16 Sep 2011

I can not help much with mother board questions but i run three screens at "1920"x"1200". I use two cards to feed three screens. The three screens are used as one desk top (some use all screens for the same data IE the same pic/info is on all screens).Two ,or more,matching cards are usefull as you may want to join them at some stage for more power. Ask if this has not helped and i will try to answer.

  aquatarkus 11:37 16 Sep 2011

Triple Monitors

Hi i also run 2 x systems, 1 with triple monitors and 1 with quad monitors. All are 1920 x 1200 or 1920 x 1080. on the triple monitor set up i use a Radeon HD6750, 2 of the monitors are connected via the dvi outputs and the 3rd is using a Saphire Active display port converter. This converts the display port on the card to DVI. The important thing here is that to connect 3 monitors up this way you must use an ACTIVE adaptor, there are passive ones but they wont work. If however you have a monitor with a display port then the active adaptor is not required and you can then just use the display port cable. To run 4 monitors i use 2 x Radeon HD6750 cards with 2 x monitors connected to each. There are a number of other options probably the best if your not into games are the cards by Matrox which can run upto 16 displays.



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