Multi Monitor Question

  ourosoad 16:47 09 Jun 2009


I'm looking to invest in a new PC for working from home, but am not really sure what would be best for my quite specific needs.

Basically I need to run 4 monitors at once (1 monitor showing video feed from the net, 1 showing video feed from a sling box hooked up to my TV, and two showing general programs and work stuff).

I'm looking to spend as little as humanly possible :) So really I guess I'm looking for a graphics card that can handle the 4 monitors and video streaming, but as I will never play computer games with it, I do not need it to be hugeley overkill.

Also not really sure what I would need in the way of processing power. For my work I am relying on a program showing me updated numbers (Taken from the web) updating every 100 milliseconds.

Help :o


  T I M B O 17:45 09 Jun 2009

Rather than have a graphics card that does 4 screens, you can get one of these, i have heard they work very well >> click here

As for the rest of ur requirements, i'm not sure.

  DieSse 18:08 09 Jun 2009

Matrox do 4-output PCIe cards with a decent spec.

click here

click here

  woody 01:37 10 Jun 2009

The matrox mentioned above appears to use an adapter which may only allow 4 screens with the same pic on each screen.
Can you not look at using two cards with 2 outlets on each for large desktop?These type of cards are cheaper than £337!
I use two&three screen set up and like a bit more than 512 div by screens(4=128) - I use circa 800 per screen.
Look for two cards each with 2 outlets that match with what you want the outlets for (TV-DVI-Ana-etc) and 512 min on each card.

  DieSse 08:24 10 Jun 2009

The matrox handles four independant desktops - read the spec!

The adapter is to avoid the need to build four DVI connectors onto a single card, which would otherwise require a double height card just for the connectors.

It also had four VGA adapters in case you already have some VGA monitors.

Whilst you can use multiple adapters, most systems only have one AGP, or one PCIex16 slot.

For what you are talking about, 128MB per screen is more than ample.

  woody 20:07 11 Jun 2009

As I am the odd one out re mem I will agree to disagree!
You do not need to have two cards with the same type of slot.You can for example have a PCIE and a PCI card providing they are compatible.
Also you MAY be happy today with 128 but what will a few mths down the line bring.Mem is so cheap.
I did a quick look and a PCIE and a PCI with 512 on each cost a total for the two £100 (one hundred pounds).The two cards may also have more choice of outlets - but you can do that work/looking by using your friend Google.
Out of interest Diesse do you use multi screens?
I find that they get used for things i never thought of because i have such a vast expanse of desk top.
Ourosoad - you can see there is no hard and fast idea - let us know what you decide.

  woodchip 22:18 11 Jun 2009

My thoughts was also two cards, but what do i know

  ourosoad 09:08 12 Jun 2009

I think the 2 card idea would suit me best.

Basically I'm getting a grant (Due to redundancy) to set up my own business. So I imagine they will pay up to £500ish for a new PC set up.

If I were to go for the Matrox that would obviously blow my whole budget.

Think I will buy a system with the one graphics card and then add a second with my own funds.

  woodchip 13:35 12 Jun 2009

You could also buy a System that also had onboard graphics and Graphics Card Slots

  woody 15:53 12 Jun 2009

Make sure the card in the PC can be matched with another card.
Good luck.

  ourosoad 15:56 12 Jun 2009

Yeah I will do.

Was just going to get a pair of identical cards. Can't go wrong then, right?

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