Multi-Monitor Confusion

  wilf3102 10:28 23 Oct 2006

Hi all,

I have a tricky situation that is puzzling me, regarding the use of two monitors.

I am using a Toshiba Tecra M2 laptop, on a docking station, with a CRT monitor aswell.
It uses the Nvidia GeForce FX Go52700.

Basically, I am trying to configure my setup, so that I can use Windows XP normally through the CRT, but also have the screen split, so that I could possibly play Media files (DVD's etc) through the laptop screen.

I have tried to configure scrren sharing through the nvidia interface, and have almost got it right.
I manage to have the Desktop screen to appear (without the taskbar etc) but I infact want the laptop screen (primary) to be the one without the taskbar and desktop icons. I have switched identities of the screens, with limited success.

I downloaded a trial of UltraMon, to try again, but even though i managed to get the screens how i wanted them, every time i clicked on a window or icon on my secondary screen (CRT), it actually opened on the laptop screen.I want teh laptop screen to be used for one media file, and be "inactive" whilst im working on the CRT.

If anyone can understand what Im trying to do, any tips on setting this up would be appreciated.... I'm desperate to get this to work.

Many thanks, Chris

  anskyber 10:44 23 Oct 2006

Could be confusing this one. It should be possible to do the set up from your Nvidea interface. I have not used Multimon so my help is limited.

But if you go from the Nvidea interface and select the primary to be whichever you want and select "extend my desktop" to the other screen it will or should perform as you want it.

EG. If I want a program to open and run on my screen 2 I open it on screen one in the usual way then drag the window (not maximised ) to the second screen where I then max it. My e-mail sits there for example and on boot up it opens in the screen 2 each time.

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