multi HDD problem

  Blubottle 13:27 15 Apr 2013

Hi I have a dual boot system Win 7 & XP home on a partitioned SATA 500gh HDD, I have two spare IDE HDD's connected on the IDE channel as Primary and secondary on one of these drives I have installed Ubuntu. My problem is that although device manager shows all HD's installed and working, my computer and windows explorer does not show them at all. Some advice please. regards

  lotvic 13:37 15 Apr 2013

Do they show in rightclick My Computer | Manage | Storage | Disc Management

  Blubottle 14:00 15 Apr 2013

Hi yes they both do as dic 0 and disc 1 with the pri c drive sata as disc 2

  lotvic 14:41 15 Apr 2013

If all the drives both IDE and SATA show then it must be the file system they are formatted to that your OS, My Computer/Windows Explorer does not recognise.

For example XP My Computer/Windows Explorer will only recognise FAT and NTFS. It will not 'see' any other file systems or unformatted partitions/drives.

  lotvic 14:47 15 Apr 2013

I should have added in XP My Computer/Windows Explorer: ...or any formatted (FAT, NTFS) drives/partitions that do not have a letter assigned to them (C: D: E: etc) they are then what is called 'hidden' partitions, like some manufacturers put their factory restore images on.

  Blubottle 12:19 16 Apr 2013

many thanks for your reply, but I need a little help. my drives are listed as:- Disc 0 basic 74.53 gb online 70.53 gb Healthy (active pri partition) 4.00 gb (healthy pri partition).

Disc 1 basic 74.53 gb online Win 7 backup (F) 3.05 gb NTFS healthy (logical drive) 71.47gb free space

these two IDE disks are the ones I can't see. Disk 2 is my Sata drive working as my primary C drive partitioned with WIN 7 and XP in a dual boot

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:26 16 Apr 2013 will let windows be able to read a linux drive

Can you see the drives in disk management?

  lotvic 22:38 16 Apr 2013

You need - as per Fruit Bat /\0/\ says.

  Blubottle 16:10 17 Apr 2013

Hi fruit bat Yes i can see the drives as descibed in my previous reply

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:23 17 Apr 2013

Right click and assign drive letters

  Blubottle 13:42 20 Apr 2013

that does not work, within the computer management panel listing my volumes these two drives have no drive letter, when I right click on them the drop down menu only gives me one live option and that is "delete volume" the other option's are greyed out.

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