Multi Card Reader causes PC to freeze

  Curio 19:03 05 Aug 2005

Win98. Brother installed USB2 Multi Card reader on his PC. Installed drivers and My Computer indicates he has 4 additional drives F, G, H & I.As soon as he clicks on Drive I (for his Memory Card) the computer freezes. He is Several Hundred miles from me so I cannot physically visit him. Have advised double checking Device Manager for Any Yellow ! or ? signs and if necessary reinstalling the Drivers. He is also returning to the shop to confirm the Card Reader and his Memory Card are OK. Is there anything else I can offer him in the way of guidance please?

  woodchip 19:08 05 Aug 2005

The drives are for all the different slots in the card reader, if he click's on the wrong slot that's why it freezes. He should only click the slot with the Memory in. Windows is looking for something that's not there when the slot is empty

  Curio 19:11 05 Aug 2005

Woodchip. Have already established that with him.

  petescully 15:54 06 Aug 2005

Find out if Windows 98 supports USB 2. I'm not sure, I'm certain USB2 became mainstream after w98's release...

Try Windows service packs and updates....

Try finding a USB 1 (i think its USB 1.1 - can't remember) memory card reader....

Or try finding a USB 2.0 PCI card to fit into the PC, and connect that way.

There are often conflicts between plugging in USB 2.0 devices into USB 1.1 slots.

  Curio 17:06 06 Aug 2005

Thanks for that. Will pass info on to him. Will post back IDC

  woodchip 18:51 06 Aug 2005

It will work as USB 1.0 not 2 That's not the Problem. But if it comes with Win98 USB2 drivers you should load them. Check the CD contents in Explorer

  Curio 20:40 06 Aug 2005

Info passed on. awaiting response

  Curio 18:45 08 Aug 2005

Had problems interrogating the software. Now he has sorted that and been given a run through he is now happily transferring pics from card to PC. Thanks to all.

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