Mulitiplier help :(

  dj hell 15:49 06 Nov 2006

Hi there.

I have two systems:

A - P3 1.6 GHz, 66.6 MHz clock, 24x Multiplier.
B - P3 1.33 GHz, 33MHz Clock, 10x Multiplier.

Under what circumstances may system B be preferred over system A.

Thanks for any hekp here as im stumped.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:35 06 Nov 2006

This sounds like a homework question, so I'm not going to answer it but:

B is obviously a slower machine than A so think about why you would need a slower machine.

  dj hell 16:44 06 Nov 2006

well it isn't actually homework. I was reading an article and read that system b has benefits in a number of instances - just wondered what these could possibly be?

  dj hell 17:04 06 Nov 2006

humm, maybe on some sort of embedded system? im kinda stumped here.

  ed-0 17:42 06 Nov 2006

B is the faster machine, even though the clock speed of B is slower than A.

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