muliple e-mail accounts on XP with Blueyonder

  reburner57 09:30 30 Jun 2003

Have had Bluyonder broadband for a while now, and am running XP. Initially I only used one user account on XP and all the family got their e-mails through the same account. I set up the 'master' account that blueyonder give you and the four family accounts in outlook and all was fine.
Trouble came when I set up individual accounts on XP. I set up each persons outlook with their own account and cannot get the e-mails to work properly. Have tried it with both just their account on their outlook and then tried their account and the blueyonder 'master' account but it will not work properly. Some users just don't receive e-mails and others receive e-mails for different members of the family. Can anyone help with how this should be set up properly ??

Thanks in advance for any responses

  Deano68 16:55 30 Jun 2003

Have you set 4 mailboxes in e-mail selfcare in blueyonder or set up 1 mailbox & 4 aliases?

  reburner57 17:25 30 Jun 2003

not entirely sure what you are talking about. I believe I have set up 4 mailboxes.
The latest update to this problem is that BY told me to set up new identities in outlook express. I did this, and still fhave the same problem of people receiving each others mails. Unfortunately I deleted the "main identity" which has removed all my own folders (inbox and sentbos) and all my contacts). Any idea how to recover these, I'm tearing my hair out here :(

  Deano68 21:06 30 Jun 2003

sorry! didn't mean to confuse, in b/y you can have 5 mailboxes each one having 3 aliases giving you up to 15 email addresses, in xp you have to configure outlook seperatly in each account from a different mailbox so your second account would be setup for the mailbox with _2 the third with _3 and the forth with _4 if you have configured the accounts from the same mailbox but with different aliases then outlook will look for all addresses from the same mailbox i'm sorry if this is still confusing, you could try having a look at this click here it might explain a little clearer good luck!

  reburner57 08:00 03 Jul 2003

Thanks for the response Deano.

That sorted it

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