Muliple Applications On Startup

  Expat 1 19:28 17 Aug 2006

Help + Advice Please. Running XP Home Service Pack 2. Suddenly have the problem that after start up On opening any application, be it M'sft Word, M'sft Publisher, Excel, In fact Any Application I am getting multiple, random openings of the application, Upwards of 60 sometimes. I have to clear them all individually with CTR/ALT/DEL. Once that task is completed all seems to be working OK. Has anyone else had this problem? All advice and suggestions will be gratefully recieved. Thank You. Expat01 (In Spain)

  Expat 1 20:36 17 Aug 2006

Have my Laptop running right next to my TFT Monitor could their be an interferance with static electricity?

  Expat 1 03:40 18 Aug 2006

Anyone have any ansers PLEASE

  AndySD 05:15 18 Aug 2006

Opening using a mouse click, the track pad or the enter key?

Mouse/Enter key check for dust or crumbs.
mouse/track pad could be drivers

  Das Boot 05:55 18 Aug 2006

Hi scan your PC for Virus if ok then restore to a point before the problem started.

  Expat 1 06:01 18 Aug 2006

I might have given the impression that it is my laptop thats playing up. It's actually my desktop so O dont have a trackpad and the mouse does'nt have a ball inside It's a Logitech USB one. A second problem has now occured. I schedual a disc check on start up and I'ts just flashing up at startup that "Disc Check Has been Cancelled" Hope you can be of some assistance. Thanks once again for your time.

  AndySD 06:07 18 Aug 2006

Do you have the XP cd or a restore CD?

Go into safe mode (Tap F* whilst booting) and Go Start then Programs then System Tools then System restore and choose a point before this started.


Do you have the XP cd or a restore CD?

If its the XP cd then put in in the drive and close the window that opens Go Start then Run type in


click ok

in the command prompt box that opens type in

sfc /scannow

and hit enter.

What make is the hard drive?

  AndySD 06:08 18 Aug 2006

should say tap F8

  Expat 1 04:59 19 Aug 2006

Das Boot. Had already done the virus check & restore thing but to no avail.

AndySD. I have the XP CD and as a last resort done a XP repair and It worked.

Thank you one and all for your help and time. Most apreciated.


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