To much memory & bios problem

  izriul 22:53 08 Jan 2009

Hi. Firstly, sorry for the long post, should be easy to answer i hope though, Just trying to be clear.

I have two problems, first my computer atm has 2gig ram. I believe it is just 1 stick. I have seen a stick of ram on amazon quite cheap, and thinking of buying x2 of them (Thus totaling to 4gig if i discard the older stick)

Reason for this is that my old stick is only around 266mhz if i remember correctly, but whatever, i would need to replace it due to it being a different type and my MoBo uses duel channel.

What i am wondering, Is 4gig to much? Could it actually make more problems having this? Its been along time since i really kept up to date with the times, and i still use WinXP, IIRC you it won't register more. Anyway, if i would buy some it would be x2 "Kingston Technology 2GB 667MHz DDR2 Non-ECC CL5 DIMM" Though im not 100% sure what CL5 is, though my mobo supports DDRII DIMM slots.

Secondly, my computer doesn't seem to register my processor. I didn't buy this computer long ago, and haven't bothered with a reformat since its been working perfectly since i got it. Again, if i remember, i bought a AMD 64x 3400++ though all i see is that it runs at 2200mhz and "processor unknown" The speed "sounds" abit wrong, though like i said its been a while since ive kept up to date, I just remember my old 1800+ running at something like 1533mhz. I would have hoped when i bought it that a 3400 would be something like 2800-3000, and where im unable to detect the CPU i dont want to have been ripped off...

The BIOS however seems to be P1.0, and on the Mobo site the latest version is 2.20. My MoBo is an "ALiveNF6G-DVI/ALiveNF6G-VSTA" Or so the manual says.

If i were to download the DVI 2.2 version, would that be safe to install? I've never actually updated my BIOS before, and if so, is this likely to then find my CPU?.

I can't do it at the present moment since i have no floppy disks, which i have ordered on amazon tonight. Also with some DVD's since i havent backed anything up yet.

Will it fix that problem most likely? and is it as simple as downloading the driver, sticking it on floppy, rebooting, and setting bios to load floppy first, then typing A:\[name of driver].

Or is there more to it than that?

Very last thing, Im not 100% sure which my MoBo is, if its a DVI and i use the VSTA one or visa versa, could i screw it up? (VSTA not Vista) I will however update AIDA32 and check before hand, but if im unable to find the right one anyway.

Sorry for the long post


  Will 23:05 08 Jan 2009

Download and run Belarc Advisor it will confirm all the information about what you have set up. You can get it here click here

  Will 23:08 08 Jan 2009

Got to and let it interigate your system to find out what the maximum Ram your set up can take at the moment Crucilal is here click here

  brundle 23:13 08 Jan 2009

click here

Don't update BIOS unless it is to fix a specific problem, and be 100% sure any BIOS you do download is correct for your particular board revision number.

  brundle 23:15 08 Jan 2009

AIDA32 is way out of date, try Belarc as advised above or SIW for more hardware related information. click here

The Athlon you have runs at a clockspeed of 1.8>2.2GHz, I believe they can adjust the clockrate themselves according to load, though I could be wrong.

  izriul 23:59 08 Jan 2009

Ok thanks for the links i will check them in a minute.

I was just checking out the specifications for a game "The witcher" It said this...

"Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or Athlon 64 +2800 (Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 +3000 recommended)*

*Athlon XP series, such as the Athlon XP +2400, is not supported"

I believe mine is a AMD Athlon 64 3400++ (2200mhz) but i have no way of finding out. System info tells me its unknown, my bios tells me its unknown...Basically, everything ive tried. This shouldn't be the case..

But upon running this game I am worried that it wont be compatible since it doesnt know what my processor is and it says Athlon XP +2400 is not supported...Although i believe its a AMD 64x 3400+ my computer doesnt know it.

Even if Belarc would tell me, the game still wont know.

P.S. I also checked out the support CD and my bios apparently seems to be the VSTA version not DVI. p1.60. Why would it not be a good idea to keep it up to date?

Sorry for all the questions and thx for the help, will download that in a minute

  izriul 00:04 09 Jan 2009

Hmm according to Belarc, my processor is..

2.20 gigahertz AMD Pentium 4
128 kilobyte primary memory cache
1024 kilobyte secondary memory cache

Which basically makes no sense unless it is saying its an equivilant, but i thought that even though it was 2.2ghz, it ran at a 3400 P4 equiv, or thats how AMD use to run.

  izriul 00:14 09 Jan 2009

Ok, apparently i can run up to 8gig of ram according to that site, thanks. Though if i upgraded to 6 gig there would be no performance increase it states. Anyway, my RAM problem seems to be resolved..Now just back to the Unknown CPU.

That site with the ram also came back with

AMD Processor model unknown model 15, stepping 3

  brundle 00:17 09 Jan 2009

Use SIW for hardware information, Belarc is good but more generalised. CPU-Z for a program specifically designed for the job; click here

"Why would it not be a good idea to keep it up to date?" - I didn't say it's not a good idea to keep it up to date, but if you install the wrong BIOS revision you can turn your machine into a doorstop.
Every manufacturer has clear warnings regarding flashing the BIOS.

"The hazards of BIOS flashing

As described earlier, the BIOS is a crucial component of your computer since it is always the first program that runs when you turn the machine on. If the BIOS does not run, the machine cannot boot. Therefore it is very important that a BIOS upgrade is performed properly. If it fails, it can permanently ruin the BIOS, resulting in your computer becoming a door stop. Common reasons for BIOS flashes gone bad are power failure during the flashing process, and flashing the BIOS with an incorrect BIOS version. Because of these dangers you do not flash a BIOS just for shits and giggles, but only if there is a very good reason. " ; click here

  brundle 00:17 09 Jan 2009

Oops..bit of swearing I didn't notice in that blurb...

  izriul 00:34 09 Jan 2009

Ok im downloading CPU-z now.

Im pretty much and advanced user with computers, Did a degree in an "all round" kinda thing and always built my own - apart from this one because it was a great deal at the time. Though i have never needed to update the Bios, normally a quick pull of the battery did the job if anything went wrong.

But this is irritating me alot, Im worried that certain games/programs won't function because it wont be able to tell what CPU i have. Like i said, im almost 97% sure its a AMD 64x 3400++ just that 2200mhz seems a bit weak which makes me that few percentage short.

Years ago when i use to keep up to date with things, if something asked for an 1800mhz spec, then i knew my computer would run it (1800+) because that number was the "pentium eqivilent (sp?)" even though it only ran at 1533mhz, I am not to sure if this is up to todays standards though.

So will my AMD 64x 3400+ run a game that needs a P4 3ghz even though the actual clock speed is 2.2ghz.

One reason i want my bios to say what processor is so i can be 100% sure it is a 3400+.

The other reason, is like the example that i posted above. (Game wont work on a AMD XP +2400 despite being a 64x 3400++) because it can't physically read what i got.

This is pretty much the only reason i want to update the bios, and while before i do it ill actually log into my bios to see the exact type (Can't atm its downloading a huge win security update that ive put of for months)

I just dont feel like my computers "complete" because of this, i know it sounds stupid, but its always on my mind before i buy something incase it doesnt work.

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