mtu setting

  mantis1 18:40 26 Jan 2006

is there a way to find your best mtu setting. i have aol gold and i have read 1400 is the one to use but my speed was slow so tried changing it. now at 1350 and the speed has doubled

  martytoon 21:18 26 Jan 2006

Ive used a utility called TCP Optimizer to tweak my MTU settings. Try this link: click here

  mantis1 17:20 28 Jan 2006

tried that but it is still slow my speed.any other speed is only about 100-200k

  Dipso 21:59 29 Jan 2006
  mantis1 16:26 01 Feb 2006

thanks for that will give it a go.

  mantis1 17:27 01 Feb 2006

done that it was 1400 which have been told but my speed is still slow.any other ideas how to get my speed up

  Dipso 21:00 02 Feb 2006

How long is the cable from your modem/router to the phone socket, this can have an effect.

You could try a better quality filter?

Does this happen only at peak times, you could be suffering from contention at your exchange.

  mantis1 18:22 03 Feb 2006

its only 1m the lead from the phone socket to the router. the speed is ok when i use there modem which they supplied me with. (bt voyager 105 usb) but when i use the voyager 2100, so i can connect both my computers one is a wireless laptop the speed is i dont know whats wrong any other ideas. thank for the reply

  Dipso 21:03 03 Feb 2006

Where did you change the MTU figure, on the router or on your PC?

To clarify, is it just the wireless connection that has the speed problem or the wired PC as well?

Do you have the latest firmware for the router?

AOL don't support BT hardware do they so no help from them :(

  Dipso 21:04 03 Feb 2006

I meant to post a link to the product update here

  mantis1 14:27 04 Feb 2006

it's both the wired and wireless.i changed the mtu on the router i did'nt know you could change it on your pc and i will try the link you gave me and let you know. thanks

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