MTI M549 Motherboard VGA Problem

  1234s282 18:39 23 May 2007


I was recently given a used pc that my friend didnt want anymore. I was really pleased. It had a floppy drive , a cd/dvd drive and a 50GB hard drive (not bad for free) aswell as a monitor , keyboard and mouse. However , as i already have a PC i thought id just fiddle around with the one givn to me. I tried plugging everything in but i could not get a picture on the screen. So off came the side of the case and to my dismay i found that the connector from the motherboard to the VGA socket which my VGA cable plugs into had completely burnt out!. does anybody know where i can get a new cable. Apart from this theres nothing wrong with motherboard is a MTI M549 and the cable i require has 16 sockets (8x2). The connector is similar to that of a hard drive power connector( in shape and size)

Help would really be appreciated.

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